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After The Storm

Emergency Response
Dana Smith, Commissioner



The Dutchess County Office of Emergency Management advises residents to take the following actions after a severe storm:

  1. Remain where you have taken shelter until you are informed by local authorities that it is safe to leave.

  2. Keep the radio/television turned on for advice and instructions from local government on where to go for medical care, emergency assistance for housing, clothing and food, as well as other ways in which you can help your family and community recover.

  3. If possible, advise relatives and friends that you are safe.

  4. Stay out of the disaster area.  Do not sightsee.  Sightseeing disrupts essential rescue work and may be dangerous.

  5. Obey all curfew and emergency orders which are issued.

  6. If you must drive, use caution. Be aware of road and bridge washouts and storm debris on roadways.

  7. Avoid loose or dangling wires and report them immediately to the proper authorities.  Assume that all downed wires are alive with electricity. 

  8. Report broken sewer or water mains and downed electrical lines.

  9. Take extra precautions to prevent fire.  Lowered pressure in water mains may make firefighting extremely difficult.

  10. Check for gas leaks. Use a flashlight to inspect for damage. Do not use candles and other open flames indoors.

  11. Have your electric, gas and water connections checked by professionals before turning them back on.

  12. Use your emergency supply of water or boil water before using until there is official word that the public water is safe.

  13. Check refrigerated food for spoilage if the power has been off during the storm.

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