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Where Can I Go to Stay Cool During a Heat Wave?

Emergency Response
Dana Smith, Coordinator


If a heat warning/advisory is declared, it is important to try and “stay cool” to protect yourself from heat stress, exhaustion or stroke. In addition to keeping hydrated with plenty of fluids, we suggest that you stay in an indoor air conditioned environment.

If you don’t have air conditioning at home, seek out friends or family with air conditioning.  You can also find adequate air conditioning at normally operating businesses in your community.  Some suggestions of places you can go include grocery stores, libraries, town halls, community centers local malls or movie theaters.  Additionally, you can call your local municipality to see if they have opened any designated cooling centers.

It's Hot - Check on Your NeighborsRemember, staying cool is especially important for the very young, senior citizens and persons with immunocompromised diseases (cardiac, asthma etc).  It’s always a good idea to check on your neighbors and family members who may be in need of assistance.

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