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Smoke Detector Safety



The Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response hopes you will take a few moments to protect your friends and family from an unexpected tragedy with these simple and easy fire safety tips:


  1. Test your smoke detector alarms in your home to make sure they are working. 
  2. If you have not replaced the battery within the past six months, replace it now. 
  3. Be certain everyone in your family knows and practices your home fire escape plan. 
  4. Clean smoke detectors at least once a year. Dust and other particles in the air can build up over time and decrease the sensitivity of a smoke detector. The best way to clean a smoke detector is with a vacuum hose. 
  5. Every bedroom should have a smoke detector. It's also recommended to put one in living rooms, kitchens and hallways. You can never have too many! 
  6. A smoke alarm is a terrific holiday gift idea that really shows you care.    Nine out of 10 home fire deaths occur at night when people are asleep.   A smoke alarm protects and watches over family and friends all year long. 

Additional links to smoke and carbon monoxide detector safety information:


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