Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Computer Information Services Division
Glenn R. Marchi, Ph.D. Commissioner



Vision road sign photoDuring these challenging economic times it’s especially important to focus attention on projects that are not only cost effective, but add efficiencies to County staff. An example of this is the County’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System that was funded in 2013 by the County Legislature for $960,000 and is expected to provide the County $5.8 million in savings efficiencies over the next 5 years.

This multi-year initiative is transforming Dutchess from a paper based document environment to one of the few county governments to have a true digital document management environment. To date, every County department has implemented OnBase to streamline document management.

ECM is already being used to manage, track and provide workflow for County contracts and legislative documents. As part of this, the official version of signed contracts are now on-line in the ECM. The paper versions of contracts are no longer kept. 

Much more has been done to implement ECM county-wide… (pdf)

A key component is to provide the public with on-line access to various County documents and historical records using an ECM Web Portal. The first component, Legislative Records Search was implemented in the later part of 2014.  Look for the ECM Portal to be expanded in 2017. 

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