Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division

Computer Information Services Division
Glenn R. Marchi, Ph.D. Commissioner


Joseph Rutkowski, GIS Project Leader

The Geographic Information Systems Division is responsible for developing and implementing efforts in the following areas: 

  • GIS Enterprise Framework

  • Data Management

  • Application Development and

  • GIS Awareness  

GIS Enterprise Framework

This is the foundation for how the County distributes and uses geographic data. 

Through these efforts we are able to extend this system to municipalities.  The available data aids in information sharing, linking data and creating a shared database across the county.

Data Management

OCIS maintains GIS data to a high degree of accuracy. We are continually developing and refining data standards and documentation. 

The GIS Division currently manages more than 150 geographic data layers including data sets such as the Address Point File, Structures, and Roads.

Application Development

Our Division has developed a number of web-based applications to take advantage of our data, including:

  • ParcelAccess to access parcel related maps and information

  • Highway Activity Tracking (HATs) software that assists Public Works to deploy work crews throughout the County.

  • Emergency Operation Center’s Situational Awareness Mapping Tool to track and manage emergency response effort during wide scale disaster events. 

Visit our publically available GIS applications.


GIS Awareness

Most people think of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as “computerized maps” We have broadened this view to include GIS to assist in managing daily work activities.
It’s essential that we develop and maintain a dependable and efficient countywide GIS structure to service a wide range of clients and functions.  

The OCIS GIS Division is dedicated to informing County departments about the availability and benefits of GIS.

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