Microcomputer/Server Staff

Computer Information Services Division
Glenn R. Marchi, Ph.D. Commissioner


Stephen Oscarlece, Deputy Commissioner
Frank McMahon, Infrastructure Manager


The Microcomputer/Server Staff is responsible for a broad range of computer infrastructure-related activities. These involve:

  • Research

  • Planning

  • Testing

  • Installation, and maintenance of all personal computer (PC) equipment, peripherals, and Wide Area Network (WAN) devices which include:

    • Centralized data storage

    • Servers

    • Thin client terminals and printers

We service approximately 1,200 workstations internal to Dutchess County government; also providing support to outside agencies and municipalities, connecting them to systems and applications.


Our staff maintains a strong relationship with its clients providing up-do-date technical knowledge. 

Clients call the Help Desk to reach the Microcomputer/Server Staff for a wide variety of questions/problems with their workstations, software, and server access. 

Related activities include:

  • Providing hardware and software planning and evaluation

  • Providing support and assistance to the Operations and Development staffs

  • Monitoring the performance hardware and software

  • Improving and maintaining the operating environment

  • Overseeing a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan for the data center in conjunction with the Operations Group

  • Extending and enhancing the services provided

In many cases work is accomplished on-site at the Computer Center; other times our staff must travel to various locations across the County.


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