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Please feel free to contact us at any time. It’s our job to help you meet the requirements of Civil Service Law.


Steven J. Rector, Commissioner 486-2183
Main Reception Line 486-2169

Technical Consultants:  

Questions on position classification (e.g., establishing new positions, changing duties of existing positions, etc.), technical questions on Civil Service Law and Rules and general personnel practices.

Rich Wiands, Sr. Human Resources Associate 486-2177
Karl Menuau, Sr. Human Resources Associate 486-2185
Shelby Outwater, Sr. Human Resources Associate 486-2184
Christen Hertzog, Human Resources Associate 486-2034
Heather Hastie, Human Resources Associate 486-2041

Transactions Unit:

Questions on reporting personnel changes and the payroll certification process.

Alyson Cerchia, Human Resources Assistant 486-2170
Karran Grecco, Human Resources Assistant 486-2168
Barbara Flanagan-Fredrick, Human Resources Assistant 486-2096

Examinations Unit:

Questions on filling competitive class positions, including requesting certification of eligibles, canvassing eligible lists, requesting permission to make provisional appointments and the scheduling of examinations.

Cathy Junge, Sr. Human Resources Assistant 486-2189
Melanee Brady, Human Resources Assistant 486-2166