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Reporting Personnel Transactions






Section 97.2 of Civil Service Law requires each local civil service office to maintain an official roster of classified employees for all civil divisions under its jurisdiction. That means our office must maintain records of all of your employees that are in the classified service. This roster record must contain information, including title, position status and salary, for each employee from original appointment through separation from service.

The Report of Personnel Change Form
The Report of Personnel Change Form for Dutchess Community College (.pdf)
Personnel Transactions Requiring a RPC
Reporting Requirements
Report of Salary Change Form
Substitute Appointment Form
Summer Employment Form

The Report of Personnel Change Form

The primary form used to track this information is the Report of Personnel Change (.pdf) Form, or RPC for short. It is the responsibility of each agency to complete and submit an RPC for every personnel transaction in a timely manner to our office so that our official records can be maintained. This is important not only for our records, but also for your employees. Unreported appointments or changes, or appointments submitted late that are found to be illegal, can have a negative impact on these individuals and subject the appointing authority to legal action.

Personnel Transactions Requiring an RPC

As specified in Rule XX, the following transactions require the filing of an RPC with our office:

  1. Every appointment, whether permanent, probationary, provisional, contingent permanent, temporary or otherwise, in the classified service, with the date of commencement of service and the title and compensation of the position.

  2. Every failure to accept an appointment under him/her by a person eligible therefore, with copies of the offer or notice of appointment and the reply thereto, if any.

  3. Every discharge during or at the end of probationary term with the date thereof.

  4. Every vacancy in a position, for whatever reason with the date thereof.

  5. Every position abolished, with the date of such abolition.

  6. Every change of compensation in a position, with the date thereof.

  7. Every promotion, giving positions from which and to which made, with the salaries and date thereof.

  8. Every transfer, giving the positions from which and to which made, with the date and salaries thereof.

  9. Every reinstatement in a position, with the date and salary thereof.

  10. Every leave of absence, with the date and duration thereof.

Reporting Requirements

In addition to an RPC, other things may have to be considered or other documents supplied when reporting a personnel transaction involving the appointment to a position. The following table gives general guidance in this area.

Established by

Must Use
Eligible List
Submitted by
Application RPC
Competitive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-competitive Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Labor  Yes No No No Yes
Exempt  Maybe No No No Yes
Unclassified  No No No No No


Even though there are no minimum qualifications and we do not require an application for labor and exempt class positions, it remains the responsibility of the appointing authority to determine the overall merit and fitness of these candidates.

Specialized Reporting Forms

In order to expedite the reporting process, we have developed several specialized forms. Please use these forms in place of RPC’s when appropriate.

Report of Salary Change Form

The Report of Salary Change (.pdf) Form should be used when your agency changes a number of employees’ salaries with no other changes. Such changes often happen when employees are given cost of living adjustments or boards vote for new salary plans. The form still needs to be signed by an authorized appointing authority.

Substitute Appointment Form

The Substitute Appointment (.pdf) Form should be used to report the temporary substitute or “on-call” appointment for certain specified titles in the labor or non-competitive jurisdictional class.

Seasonal Summer Form

The Seasonal Summer (.pdf) Form should be used to report temporary labor class appointments generally made during the May 1st to November 1st time frame. If no termination date is given for an employee, they are automatically removed from our records as of November 1.

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