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The Payroll Certification Process






Section 100 of Civil Service Law requires us to periodically certify your jurisdiction’s payroll before payments are made to the employees. Not every payroll needs to be certified, only the ones for the payroll periods inclusive of each year, as well as any others during which mass salary changes occur. The Report of Personnel Change (55-10R) form also functions as the payroll certification mechanism for those employees hired at other than the usual certification times.

Our Transactions Unit will contact your agency approximately once per year to request a copy of a signed payroll. Payroll certification usually refers to a comparison of information from payroll documents to the information on our Civil Service Roster Record prior to the disbursement of funds. If the payroll information matches the Roster Record, the warrant is given the “stamp of approval” and the payroll disbursement can proceed. If there are inconsequential discrepancies (i.e., an unreported minor salary increase) the payroll can still be certified and the discrepancies corrected. If there is a major discrepancy (i.e., an unreported provisional appointment), exception would be taken for the discrepant item halting payment until the problem can be fixed. If there is a pattern of missing or incorrect information on the payrolls, the certification requests may become more frequent until a satisfactory level of compliance is achieved. Often we will conduct a payroll review on site in order to facilitate the immediate resolution of any problems.

The payrolls should, if possible, be filed with us in sufficient time so that we can review and return them before checks are issued.

Information on all payrolls should include:

  1. Name of employee

  2. Title of position

  3. Retirement System number, if applicable

  4. Basic salary, i.e., rate per hour, week, month, or year, and hours worked, if applicable

  5. Gross salary, i.e., salary paid for that particular payroll period

  6. Deductions made to arrive at a net salary

It should be noted that Section 101 of Civil Service Law makes it a misdemeanor to pay salary or compensation to an employee for which certification has been refused.

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