Agriculture and Open Space

Planning and Development
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner



Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan (1998)
The agriculture industry is a vital part of Dutchess County's economy and rural heritage, but decades of development have placed both the industry and our farmland at risk. In 1998, the County adopted its first Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan to recommend strategies to protect our remaining agricultural resources and keep farming profitable in Dutchess County.


.pdf format, Adobe Acrobat required: 

     Executive Summary, Summary of Recommendations, and Preface (.pdf)
     Chapter 1:  Introduction (.pdf)
     Chapter 2:  Feelings of Dutchess County Residents (.pdf)
     Chapter 3:  Tax Relief and Equitable Assessment (.pdf)
     Chapter 4:  Natural Resources (.pdf)
     Chapter 5:  Municipal Planning (.pdf)
     Chapter 6:  Agri-business Strategies (.pdf) 
     Chapter 7:  Public Awareness and Agricultural Education (.pdf)
     Chapter 8:  Implementation (.pdf)
     Chapter 9:  Information Resources, and Appendices (.pdf)


Open Space & Farmland Protection Matching Grant Program, Partnership for Manageable Growth (PMG)
The PMG Open Space & Farmland Protection program was created in 1999 to assist the County and its municipalities in implementing the Dutchess County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan by protecting important agricultural and open space resources. Since its inception, the program has helped protect over 3,330 acres of farmland and open space in Dutchess County.

Agricultural District Certification
Find out more about this voluntary program that provides benefits to landowners, including preferential real property tax treatment, in order to encourage the continued use of farmland for agricultural purposes and to forestall the conversion of farmland to non-agricultural uses. Dutchess County currently has 178,810 acres in its agricultural districts.

                                         Hay Bales in a field



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