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Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Zoning Referral Process (GML-239)
According to State Law, certain applications to local boards must also be circulated to our Department for review and comment (called "Referrals"). On average, we review 400-500 referrals a year. Referrals must be submitted to the County by the reviewing municipality, not the applicant. 

Referral Exemptions     New!
Municipalities can now enter into a municipal agreement with Dutchess County to eliminate certain actions from County Planning referral review. These agreements can begin January 1, 2016. We expect municipalities will realize a time savings and possibly an expedited local review process for these actions because they would no longer need to be sent to County Planning. A draft intermunicipal agreement and frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) are available:

Draft Referral Exemptions Intermunicipal Agreement
Referral Exemptions FAQ

Find out more about GML-239 Referrals (.pdf), such as:
- What triggers a Referral to the County?
- What issues is the County concerned about?
- What types of recommendations are issued by the County?

- How does this fit in to the local process?
- FAQs   

          For municipalities submitting Referrals, please use these forms to expedite processing:
          239 Planning/Zoning Referral - EXEMPTION COMMUNITIES Form (.pdf)

          239 Planning/Zoning Referral - STANDARD Form (.pdf)
          SEQRA Circulation Form (.pdf)

Updated SEQR Forms in Effect
Effective October 7, 2013 the NYS DEC revised the SEQR short and full environmental assessment forms. Visit DEC's website for more information.

Model Subdivision Regulations
Incorporate a pre-sketch planning meeting between the municipality and applicant in order to save time and money while helping the community make sure the subdivision project meets local goals. In addition, discover what a difference a few additional submission requirements can make to the review process, such as a Resource Analysis and Checklist. For a brief overview of the ideas contained in these model subdivision regulations, read the January 2007 issue of the eNewsletter included below.  

         Model Subdivision Regulations (.pdf) 
         Model Subdivision Regulations – Rural Communities (.pdf) 
         A Win-Win Approach to Subdivisions (.pdf) – January 2007 eNewsletter

Major Projects Report
This annual report is a compilation of information about certain development proposals throughout the County. The information in this report can be used by public officials, the general public, and the private sector to plan development activities.

         2015 Major Projects Report (.pdf), an 11x17 map is also available
         2014 Major Projects Report (.pdf), an 11x17 map is also available 
         2013 Major Projects Report (.pdf), an 11x17 map is also available 
         2012 Major Projects Report (.pdf)         
         2011 Major Projects Report (.pdf)


Planning Functions of Local Boards
Find out which planning functions are performed by which local boards.

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