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Since 1964, our Plan On It newsletter has helped local decision-makers and interested citizens understand land use planning and zoning issues. Developed by the Planning Department on behalf of the Dutchess County Planning Federation, we e-publish approximately 6 single-article issues per year. 

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Rethinking Parking Requirements: Does Your Community Really Have a Parking Problem?, Vol. 12 Issue 3

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Planning/Zoning General:
Rethinking Parking Requirements: Does Your Community Really Have a Parking Problem?, Vol. 12 Issue 3 (2018)
Understanding LED Lighting for Site Plan Review, Vol. 12 Issue 2 (2018)
Accessibility Isn't a Special Interest: Creating Equitable Spaces for All, Sept/Oct 2017
Solar is Gaining Ground: How to Ensure Your Community is Prepared, July/August 2017
Hay Bales and Toilet Plungers – New Tools for Reshaping Your Community, May/June 2017
Market Analysis in the Comprehensive Plan, January/February 2017
How to Read a Site Plan: What to Look For and Why It's Important, July/August 2016
Streamlining the Zoning Referral Process, November/December 2015
Zoning for Solar Energy, October 2015
The Importance of Zoning Definitions, May/June 2015
Getting to the Root of the Issue, March/April 2015 
Establishing Private Water and Sewer Systems, August/September 2014 
Case Law Review: Zoning Law Interpretations, July 2014 
Balancing Local Budgets with Mixed-Use Blocks and Buildings, June 2014 
Converting Conventional Zoning to Form-Based Codes, November 2013 
Building an Alliance for Our Local Economy, October 2013 
The True Cost of Water, May 2013
State Laws that Override Local Zoning, November/December 2012
The What and Why of Official Maps, July/August 2012
Smart Sewers for Smart Growth, April 2012
Catching Up on Business, March 2012
New Greenway Guide: Building Bicycle Networks, February 2013
Growing in a Green Way: The Past and Future of Greenway, Dec/Jan. 2012
Supreme Court Case Requires Rewrite of Municipal Sign Laws, March/April 2016
Regulating Digital Signs: To Glow or Not To Glow, May 2012
Not Your Grandmother's Senior Housing - Why Design and Location Matter, July/August 2015
Taking an Honest Look at Where We Plan to Live As We Age: Starting a Community Conversation about the Importance of Embracing Housing Choices, December 2014 
Bigger Isn't Always Better for Renters: Micro–Apartments and Single–Room Occupancy Units, February 2014 
In-Laws or Outlaws: Which Would You Rather Have Nearby? — An Introduction to Accessory Dwelling Units, January 2013
School Children and Affordable Housing – Is it Really an Issue?, September 2012
The Changing American Dream: Shifting Trends in Who We Are and How We Live, February 2012
Agriculture & Environment:
Agricultural Districts Law: Both Farmers and Municipalities Play a Role, Nov/Dec 2017
County Agricultural Plan Supports Farm Economy, February 2015 
Caring for the Community Forest, September 2013 
Food Hubs: Taking Local to the Next Level, August 2013 
Ped/Bike & Transportation:
Building Complete Streets: A Beacon Case Study, March/April 2018
Creating "Sticky" Environments: How to Integrate Walkability into Community Design, Sept/Oct 2016
Moving Dutchess 2: A New Transportation Plan for Dutchess County, Jan/Feb 2016
Road Safety Assessments, September 2015
Public Comments Sought for Draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, December/January 2014
The Bridges of Dutchess County (and the Roads, Too!), June/July 2013 
New Greenway Guide: Building Bicycle Networks, February 2013
Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Update, October 2012
Complete Streets, June 2012
Demographic Trends: Planning for the Future, March/April 2017
Solid Waste:
Don't Throw it Away: Alternatives to Landfills or Incineration, October/November 2014 
Reduce Pollution in Our Streams and Waterbodies, April/May 2014 
Rethinking Waste: A New Age of Recycling, March 2013
Community Development / Investment:
Municipal Consolidation and Shared Services "2.0": Ringing in the New Year with a Fresh Approach, Nov/Dec 2016
DCWWA Acquires Hyde Park Water/Sewer Systems: An Example of Local Government Efficiency, May/June 2016
Municipal Capital Planning 101, January 2015 
Increasing Collaboration through Shared Information and Services, March 2013 
Community Development Block Grants 101:Creating Successful CDBG Applications, April 2013


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