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Agency Partner Grant Program

Planning and Development
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Program Overview


The Agency Partner Grant (APG) Program awards funding to non-profit agencies based on their ability to demonstrate they are able to fill a gap where an existing community need exists.  The needs for this grant program were established by taking into consideration conditions that limits individuals from achieving their fullest social, economic, or health related potential, with input from participating members of the Dutchess County Coalition of Nonprofits, the Health and Human Services Cabinet, and other community stakeholders.  The needs have evolved since the inception of the grant program and are reviewed annually, with input from the aforementioned stakeholders.


Eligible Activities & APG Needs

Activities must demonstrate the ability to fulfill one of the below needs. Please review the complete description of APG needs (.pdf).

  • Anti-Bullying Awareness & Education
  • At-Risk Children & Youth Programs
  • Drug Addiction & Mental Health Prevention & Education
  • Elder Abuse Awareness & Education
  • Financial Education
  • Greenway Compact & Smart Land Use Policy Development
  • Home-Based Intervention Programs
  • Literacy Assistance Support
  • Nutrition Assistance & Physical Health Education
  • Parent Support
  • Poverty & Homeless Assistance
  • Senior Transportation
  • Workforce Development (Adults)
  • Workforce Development (Youth & Young Adults)


Reference Materials

If awarded funding, your agency will need to submit the following on a quarterly basis:

Payment Request, Progress Report, and Organization Summary (.xls)* (NOTE: Forms are located on separate tabs) *You are required to complete the Organization Summary only if your Organization is funded for more than one program by the Agency Partner Grant program.

Here are some helpful examples of supporting documents you will be asked to submit along with the quarterly forms listed above:


2018 Program

2017 Program

2016 Program

2015–16 Program

2014–15 Program

2013–2014 Program


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