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Solarize Hudson Valley is a newly launched three year program to scale up the use of solar power dramatically among homes and businesses by making it easier and more affordable to go solar. Solarize cuts “soft costs” for solar purchasing decisions by reducing confusion and speeding up consumer education, creating excitement and incentives for timely decisions by offering special discounts for a fixed period of a few months.

Beacon hosted the first Solarize “Wave” in Dutchess County during Summer/Fall 2015.  Solarize Beacon + focused on outreach and marketing activities in that community, but all Dutchess property owners are eligible and encouraged to participate.










The Northern Dutchess Alliance hosted the second Solarize "Wave" in Dutchess County.  It resulted in the most successful Solarize Hudson Valley campaign to date with approximately 80 contracts for the purchase and installation of new solar systems being signed.

The third "Wave" of Solarize Hudson Valley has just begun, focusing on the Town of Wappinger and the Village of Wappingers Falls. As with all HV Solarize campaigns, Solarize Wappingers is a volunteer run campaign open to residents and local business owners in all of Dutchess County, NY. To learn more about this program and future community workshops visit or the Solarize Hudson Valley Facebook page.

County support for Solarize Dutchess is coordinated by the Department of Planning & Development.  The Department has compiled the following resources to facilitate municipal participation in Solarize;

Population and Owner Occupied Residences by municipality (.xls)
Photovoltaic Systems installed by zip code (.xls)
Beacon Insolation Map (.pdf) - illustrates the amount of solar radiation ("insolation") for areas of parcels encompassing the entire city of Beacon.

What is Solarize? 
Modeled on highly successful campaigns in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Solarize Hudson Valley is a public-private initiative that engages entire communities in exploring and adopting solar power via consumer education, a group purchasing model and a help-line to answer questions. Trusted installation firms from the local area are pre-selected and brought together with the community at workshops and other outreach events.  “Solar Ambassadors” who already have solar on their homes and businesses work with campaign staff and volunteers to answer their neighbors’ questions.  And the program offers tiered pricing for a fixed period – the more signups, the lower the cost for all.  This combination of excitement, community benefit and economic self-interest has proven to be powerful, more than doubling the amount of solar in more than 100 New England communities in two years.


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