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Census Data
The US Census Bureau conducts the decennial Census which is a full count of our country taken every ten years, at a snapshot in time. Its strength is that it can provide accurate data for very small areas and population groups. The 2010 Census provides a full count of our population, age, sex, race, and homeownership as of April 10, 2010. The Census Bureau also releases annual population estimates and building permit data.

2010 Decennial Census
2000 Decennial Census

Population Estimates
Building Permits 

For More Information on the 2010 Census or Census Products, please visit the following:

2010 Census website
US Census Bureau website

US Census Bureau Economic Census website

American Community Survey (ACS)
The ACS is a continuous sample survey. ACS does not count everyone but relies on a sample of us to help provide the estimates in the various data categories. Its strength is that it collects data on a wider variety of subjects and that it produces estimates each and every year. ACS data is produced as 1-Year and 5-Year estimates. For information regarding how to compare ACS datasets, please visit the Comparing ACS Data webpage.

ACS 5-Year Estimates
These provide a variety of social, demographic, economic and housing data for all geographic places. 5-year estimates are based on a sampling of the population over a 60-month time period.

2013 - 2017 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2012 - 2016 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2011 - 2015 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2010 - 2014 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2009 - 2013 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2008 - 2012 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2007 - 2011 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2006 - 2010 ACS 5-Year Estimates

ACS 1-Year Estimates
These provide a variety of social, demographic, economic and housing data for areas with a population of 65,000 or more. 1-year estimates are based on a sampling of the population over a 12-month period. Locally, the data is only available for Dutchess County as a whole.

2017 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2016 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2015 ACS 1-Year Estimates

2014 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2013 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2012 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2011 ACS 1-Year Estimates for Dutchess County
2010 ACS 1-Year Estimates for Dutchess County

Projections and Historical Data
The U.S. Census Bureau provides estimates of population once a year, based on birth and death rates and migration data. Projections are provided through the Dutchess County Transportation Council. Historical data compares current Census data with historical data. The first Census was conducted in 1790. These tables will be updated with 2010 Census data.

Population Projections 2005-2025 (.pdf), (Source: Appendix A-1, Connections 2025)
Historical Population, Dutchess County 1790-2010 (.pdf)
Historical Population by Municipality, 1900-2010 (.pdf)
Population Change in Dutchess and Neighboring Counties, 1940-2010 (.pdf)

General Data
The US Census Bureau conducts many other surveys in addition to the decennial Census. Below are some of the more commonly requested items. For complete access to all Census data, please visit the US Census Bureau website.

New York State Census of Agriculture - Dutchess County, 2007 (.pdf)
Unemployment Rates, 1990–2017
2010 Dutchess County QuickFacts

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