Planning and Development
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner

- Planning -
Consolidated and Expedited Permitting and Review Application (.pdf)

In an effort to encourage and facilitate investment and job creation, Dutchess County has established a consolidated and expedited permitting and review process for "priority projects." Download this file for complete instructions and application.

239 Planning/Zoning Referral - EXEMPTION COMMUNITIES Form (.pdf)

New form for municipalities who have signed an intermunicipal agreement with Dutchess County to exempt certain actions from needing to be referred. Click here for more information about referral exemptions.

239 Planning/Zoning Referral - STANDARD Form (.pdf)

Standard form for GML 239-m submissions.

SEQRA Circulation Form (.pdf)

Coversheet for any SEQRA materials being circulated to Dutchess County Planning that aren't part of a zoning referral submission.

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- Community Development & Housing -
2018 HOME Investment Partnership Application (.xls)

- 2018 Home Investment Partnership Program Polices and Procedures (.pdf)

2018 CDBG Municipal Application Instructions (.pdf)

2018 CDBG Municipal Application (.pdf)   

CDBG Public Service Instructions (.pdf)

2017 CDBG Public Service Application - New (.pdf)

2017 CDBG Public Service Application - Renewal (.pdf)
Public Service Attachments: 
           Outcome Report (.xls)
           Activity Budget and Narrative (.xls)

Senior Citizen Owner-Occupied Property Rehabilitation Application and Guidelines (.pdf)

The purpose of the Dutchess County Senior Citizen Owner-Occupied Property Rehabilitation Program is to upgrade existing owner-occupied housing by providing assistance to low and moderate-income senior citizen households to complete rehabilitation on properties with code violations. The household income must be at or below the following income limits:



Family Size Income Limits
1 $50,350
2 $57,550
3 $64,750
4 $71,900
5 $77,700
6 $83,450


Annual household income is the gross income anticipated to be received by all adults (18 years or older) in the household during next 12 months. Documentation as noted in the application must be submitted to verify income.

In addition to the program guidelines, the County has a Policies and Procedures Manual (.pdf) which outlines guidelines for more specific situations.

*Application signed and dated
*Return to: Dutchess County Planning Department
                 27 High St., Poughkeepsie, NY   12601

HOME Utility Allowances (.pdf)

This chart shows utility allowances for common housing types.  Charts are also available for duplexes and mobile homes.

Payment Request and Progress Report (.xls) (Note: Forms are on separate tabs.)
Subordination Request Form

Subordinations are often required when an owner wants to refinance a property or take out a home improvement loan. The bank/mortgage agency providing the new loan wants to be in the first lien position and will require that the County subordinate their superior lien to the new loan.

*See Subordination Guidelines (.pdf).

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