Federally Funded Dutchess County Bridge, Highway and Trail Projects

Engineering Division
Robert H. Balkind, PE, Commissioner



Some of the County’s road and bridge capital improvement projects are eligible for partial  federal reimbursement and the Engineering Division is responsible for managing these projects , in conjunction with the State and Federal funding agencies.

All of these projects are listed on the Federal Highway Administration’s Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  (This link takes you to the DC Department of Planning and Development website, where more information about the TIP is presented and a spreadsheet of the projects in the current TIP can be viewed).

In the five-year capital plan for this region, the Dutchess County Transportation Council (PDCTC), includes the fiscal year in which each phase of the projects become eligible for federal funding and the estimated cost.

Project phases include Preliminary Design (PD), Detailed Design (DD), ROW Acquistion (RA), Construction (C) and Construction Inspection (CI).

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