Local/State Legislation

Real Property Tax Service Agency
Heidi Seelbach, Commissioner


  • Adoption of RPTL 459-C Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes. This local option exemption was adopted by the Dutchess County Legislature in 2012. It allows an exemption, on a sliding scale up to 50%, for County tax purposes for disabled property owners whose income is less than $32,400 per year. The exemption began with the 2013 assessment roll (2014 tax roll.) Property owners must apply for exemption by March 1. Property owners must submit proof of disability and proof of income to their local assessor. The exemption must be renewed each year.

  • A Word About School Tax Relief - New York State's "STAR". In 1998, the enhanced portion of this program became available for seniors over 65 who had combined earnings of less than $60,000. It provided $50,000 in assessed value relief for school tax purpose. In 1999, the Basic STAR exemption was implemented providing $30,000 assessment relief to non-senior residential property owners. These amounts varied depending on which county the property is located and local equalization rates.

    In 2011 the State capped the increase in tax dollar benefit at 2% higher than the previous year. The cap is calculated by school district segment. Each town within the school could have a different cap.

  • Seniors who qualify for RPTL 467 automatically qualify for the enhanced STAR Exemption. For more information, visit News from the State: School Tax Relief (STAR) Program.

Attention Homeowners

  • The Basic STAR Exemption is available for the primary residence of all homeowners, regardless of age. There is now an income ceiling of $500,000. If you have not applied for this exemption, Contact your local Assessor for details.

  • Tax bills to take on a different look. As part of the STAR program, a Taxpayer's Bill Of Rights has been developed. This program provides property owners with a vast amount of information on how the taxes were calculated directly on their tax bills. All tax bills must now show the estimated full market value for each property and the uniform percentage of value used by assessors to determine the validity of property assessments. In addition, total tax levies, percent of change for each taxing purpose and an explanation of the assessment review process must now appear. In the case of a STAR exemption, the amounts of tax savings realized will be indicated on school tax bills. All property owners are to receive this information even if their taxes are paid through an escrow account.

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