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Town and County Taxes


Fiscal years for county, town, and special district taxes are January 1 - December 31. Tax bills are sent to property owners in January and are payable without interest by February 28.

Payment of Taxes in Installments RPTL §928* & §1502 - This local option allows for two or three part payments of local taxes.

The towns of Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie and Wappinger offer three part payments under RPTL §1502. Payments are due before May 31 and August 31. Interest is charged when taxes are not paid in full by February 28.  Contact your Tax Collector for information on how interest is calculated.

School Taxes

School fiscal years run from July 1 through June 30. Single payment school taxes are generally due in September or early October - 30 days from whenever the collection warrant was issued. Exact dates vary with each school district each year. The Millbrook, Dover, Carmel, Rhinebeck, Webutuck, Pawling, and Poughkeepsie City school districts allow two part installment payments per RPTL §928. The second payment is due 180 days from whenever the first was due.

*NOTE: 1998 - RPTL §928  - has been repealed. However any local law or resolutions adopted according to this section may continue in full force until repealed.

Village Taxes

Village fiscal years run from June 1 through May 31. Taxes are payable June 1 through July 1.

Guarantee of Village Taxes by Dutchess County

Local Law #3 of 1996 guarantees the villages’ taxes by Dutchess County. The county enforces all delinquent taxes on properties within them.

Extension of the Interest Free Period [RPTL §925-a] (1998)

This local option would allow senior citizens who receive exepmtions under RPTL §467 to have up to 5 extra days to pay their property taxes without interest or penalties.

Two Rate Taxation

Article 19: (Homestead) - The provisions of RPTL Article 19 set forth a system of dual tax rates. The Homestead  tax rate is for residential and agricultural properties; the Non-Homestead tax rate is for non-residential properties.  Some vacant lands and some condominiums are treated as Homestead, some as Non-Homestead, depending on criteria set forth in the law.

The cities of Beacon and Poughkeepsie, the towns of Wappinger, Fishkill, and Poughkeepsie use dual tax rates.  Arlington, Wappinger, Spackenkill, Beacon City, and City of Poughkeepsie school districts use dual rate taxation.

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