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Adult Services

Dept. of Community & Family Services (DCFS)
Sabrina Jaar Marzouka, Commissioner

Protective Services for Adults (PSA) is a state-mandated program which is provided without regard to income to assist adults age 18 or older who, because of mental or physical impairments, can no longer provide for their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter or medical care, or protect themselves from neglect, abuse, or hazardous situations, and who have no one willing and able to help in a responsible manner.

The law requires PSA to conduct an investigation whenever it receives oral or written information concerning a person who is thought to be in need of protective services. PSA must accept all referrals made within normal working hours. Adult Protective Services addresses issues that will help the client to function at an improved level. Hopefully, intervention will eliminate the client’s need for future protective services.

For persons who are so incapacitated that supportive services are not sufficient to protect them, and who have no one to assist them, PSA may apply to Supreme or County Court for the appointment of a guardian to provide for personal needs including food, clothing, shelter, health care, or safety and/or to manage property and financial affairs. The powers of the guardian are limited to those that the court finds necessary to assist the person. These may include the power to decide who provides personal care or assistance and to make decisions regarding social environment and living arrangements.

Adult Title XX Services

Our workers attempt to locate housing for those clients who are temporarily in motels or shelters. Service is also provided to clients facing an eviction or who are at risk of homelessness. Workers also address issues related to health, finances, education, family planning, domestic violence, and any other issues which will assist the client to function at a higher level. All services except guardianship service and Social Security Representative Payee are provided only if the client requests the service and cooperates with the staff. The workers are unable to force services on unwilling clients.

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