Transit Development Plan

Planning and Development
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Mark Debald, Transportation Program Administrator


The Dutchess County Transit Development Plan (TDP) was a two-year planning effort aimed at improving public bus operations in Dutchess County. Completed in 2009, the TDP was a cooperative effort of the Dutchess County Transportation Council, Dutchess County Public Transit, the City of Poughkeepsie, and NYSDOT, with consultant work provided by the Abrams-Cherwony Group of Gannett Fleming, Inc. 

The TDP proposed a new service structure for the County and Poughkeepsie bus systems. For the County system (known as LOOP at the time), this involved the creation of routes that would effectively move people from suburban and rural areas to major activity centers in the urbanized, southwestern part of the county, including the cities of Beacon and Poughkeepsie. For the Poughkeepsie system, the TDP proposed a route structure that better moved people between major activity centers in and around the City. The TDP recommended a phased implementation of these proposals, with the base proposal relying mostly on available resources.

Dutchess County TDP Final Report (by chapter):
Executive Summary (Public) (25 pages) (.pdf) 
Executive Summary (Technical) (26 pages) (.pdf)
Chapter 1-Current Conditions (34 pages) (.pdf)
Chapter 2-Planning Inputs (42 pages) (.pdf)
Chapter 3-Service Planning Themes (6 pages) (.pdf)
Chapter 4-Service Proposals (38 pages) (.pdf)
Chapter 5-Recommended Plan (34 pages) (.pdf)

Dutchess County TDP Final Report Appendices:
Appendix A-Existing Transit System (47 pages) (.pdf)
Appendix B-Service Area Characteristics (86 pages) (.pdf)
Appendix C-LOOP Route Diagnotics Analysis (33 pages) (.pdf)
Appendix D-Poughkeepsie Bus Route Diagnostics Analysis (24 pages) (.pdf)
Appendix E-Stakeholder Interview Report (23 pages) (.pdf)
Appendix F-Rider Opinion Survey Findings (33 pages) (.pdf)
Appendix G-Outreach Program Results (23 pages) (.pdf)

Dutchess County Flex Service Analysis:
TDP Flex Service Report (29 pages) (.pdf) 

Dutchess County TDP Service Guidelines:
Service Guidelines for LOOP and Poughkeepsie Bus Systems (27 pages) (.pdf)

Dutchess County TDP Service Proposal Maps:
Map of Proposed Dutchess County LOOP Routes (.pdf)
Map of Proposed City of Poughkeepsie Routes (.pdf)
Map of Long Term Dutchess County Proposals (.pdf)



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