Hopewell Hamlet Pedestrian Plan

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Mark Debald, Transportation Program Administrator


Drawing of Hopewell Junction Centerpiece Boulevard ConceptThe purpose of the study was to develop a Hopewell Hamlet Pedestrian Plan, consisting of recommendations that will improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and increase the vitality of the Town of East Fishkill’s principal commercial area. The Draft East Fishkill Comprehensive Plan (February 2000), prepared by Buckhurst Fish and Jacquemart Inc., identifies Hopewell Hamlet as an area where “sidewalks can encourage safe pedestrian movement and increase the life and vibrancy of commercial areas.”

Working with the Town, the Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC) initiated this study to develop a pedestrian plan. The study identified pedestrian improvement options that will add to the existing pedestrian facilities in Hopewell Hamlet and contribute to a “future vision...that foresees pedestrian oriented, mixed-use developments.”

The Hopewell Hamlet Pedestrian Plan was a collaborative effort, with key involvement of DCTC, their consultant Urbitran Associates Inc., and Dewkett Engineering and the Town of East Fishkill. In addition, NYSDOT Region 8 played an important role in reviewing documents, attending meetings, and providing input.

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