Walk Bike Dutchess

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Walk Bike Dutchess is our countywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The Plan identifies strategies to make walking and bicycling better transportation options for more people. It provides policy and design guidance to municipalities and other agencies to help improve conditions for walking and bicycling, focusing on access to schools, transit, parks, and other activity centers. It also provides design guidelines for walking and bicycling facilities and recommends education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation programs to improve safety and promote walking and bicycling. We adopted the Plan in 2014.

Vision Statement: In Dutchess County, walking and bicycling will be part of daily life, providing safe and convenient transportation and recreation.

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All Chapters (.pdf) - (This is a 36 MB file, and may be slow to download)

Plan Cover, Title Page, Acknowledgements, and DCTC Resolution 
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Federal, State, and Local Guidance
Chapter 3- Design Guidelines
Chapter 4- Dutchess County Overview
Introduction to the Planning Area Chapters
Chapter 5.1- Lower Hudson Planning Area
Chapter 5.2- Upper Hudson Planning Area
Chapter 5.3- Lower Taconic Planning Area
Chapter 5.4- Upper Taconic Planning Area
Chapter 5.5- Harlem Valley Planning Area

Chapter 6- County-Wide Recommendations
Chapter 7- Implementation and Funding


All Appendices (.pdf)
A- Public Outreach Summary
B- Moving Dutchess Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related Recommendations
C- Best Practice Bicycle Parking Codes
D- Vehicle and Traffic Law Excerpts
E- Census Data
F- Walk-Bike Dutchess Survey: Paper Form & Overall Results
    Walk-Bike Dutchess Survey Results- Lower Hudson
    Walk-Bike Dutchess Survey Results- Upper Hudson
    Walk-Bike Dutchess Survey Results- Lower Taconic
    Walk-Bike Dutchess Survey Results- Upper Taconic
    Walk-Bike Dutchess Survey Results- Harlem Valley
G- Bicycle Parking Inventory 
H- Crash Data
I- Planning Area Recommendations
J- Pedestrian/Bicycle Count Tables & Charts; Ped/Bike Counts, as of September 2014 
K- City of Poughkeepsie Bicycle Route Field Data and Bicycle Route Map
L- Project Prioritization Criteria


1996 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project
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