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FFY 2017-2021 TIP

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (as of 03/27/18) [.pdf] 


The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) serves as the prioritized listing of federally funded transportation projects in Dutchess County for FFY 2017-2021. Developed by the Transportation Council as part of the metropolitan transportation planning process, the TIP identifies capital and nonā€capital transportation projects or project phases that are proposed for funding under 23 U.S.C. 134 and 49 U.S.C. 5303. At a minimum, the TIP must be updated once every four years and be approved by the MPO and Governor. In New York, the TIP update cycle coincides with the update cycle for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which is typically done every three years. The TIP must adhere to the provisions set forth in current federal transportation law, which authorizes the federal transportation programs that support local highway, transit, and bicycle-pedestrian projects. 

The TIP is an essential product of the overall transportation planning process, since it is through the TIP that the Transportation Council commits to the implementation of transportation projects. Once programmed on the TIP, a sponsor may proceed with work on a project; for a typical highway project, this includes activities such as detailed design, right-of-way acquisition, and construction. Projects must be consistent with the goals and recommendations identified in Moving Dutchess 2, the current long-range transportation plan.

Financial Constraint

The FAST Act requires that the TIP be financially constrained using estimates of current and reasonably available revenues to program future projects. Financial constraint is demonstrated through a financial plan that demonstrates how the approved TIP can be implemented. The TIP includes projects for which construction or operating funds are expected to be available. For FFY 2017-2021, Dutchess County received a target of $121 million in federal and state highway funds and a target of $29 million in federal and state transit funds.

Programmed Funding

The FFY 2017-2021 TIP programs almost $86 million in federal transportation funding in Dutchess County, with $32 million for highway projects and $54 million for transit projects. This total does not include federally funded, multi-county maintenance projects that will benefit Dutchess County; these NYSDOT-sponsored projects, mostly pavement and bridge preservation work, use a share of the Transportation Council's federal funding target. The FFY 2017-2021 TIP also includes funding from other federal non-transportation agencies and direct congressional authorizations, which are classified as discretionary federal-aid and High Priority Projects (HPP) respectively. Please see the DCTC TIP Viewer for specific project information.

In addition to projects located solely in Dutchess County, the FFY 2017-2021 TIP includes multi-county projects that support routine maintenance projects across the seven counties in NYSDOT-Region 8. These projects include traffic signal replacements, highway sign improvements, guiderail maintenance, culvert replacements, and pavement marking initiatives that will partially benefit Dutchess County. Lastly, the TIP includes project listings for two regional authorities: the MTA and NYS Bridge Authority. 

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FFY 2017-2021 TIP Documents 

DCTC FFY 2017-2021 TIP (Narrative) 
DCTC TIP Viewer (Online Database/Mapping Application)
Appendix A (Definitions)
Appendix B (How to Read the TIP)
Appendix C (Project Categories)
Appendix D (Fund Sources)
Appendix E (Project Phases)
Appendix F (Air Quality Codes)
Appendix G (Public Comments)
Appendix H (Self-Certification)
Appendix I (DCTC Project Listing) (as of 03/27/18)
Appendix J (NYSDOT Multi-County Project Listing)
Appendix K (MTA/MNR & NYSBA Project Listing)

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