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Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is revised based on changing priorities, project schedules, and costs. Revisions to the TIP are classified as either Amendments or Administrative Modifications. Each has a different approval process based on criteria adopted by the Transportation Council. To keep the TIP financially constrained, a revision may require an offset from another project to make up for any cost increase or schedule change.


An Amendment is a revision that involves a major change to a project, including the addition or deletion of a project or a major change in design concept or scope, cost, or the project/project phase initiation date. Amendments require public review and comment (15-days) and Transportation Council approval. Below are examples of actions that require an Amendment:

  • Addition or removal of a federally funded transportation project.
  • Funding increase or decrease of more than 25 percent of the total federal share for a federally funded project.
  • Addition of a Construction or Construction Inspection phase to a federally funded highway project.
  • Change from a non-federal to a federal funding source, regardless of amount.
  • Deferring an existing federally funded project beyond the four-year STIP period.
  • Promoting a federally funded project from the post-STIP period into the four-year STIP.

Administrative Modifications

An Administrative Modification is a revision that includes minor changes to a project's scope, schedule, or cost. An Administrative Modification does not require public review or Transportation Council approval and is typically requested by the project sponsor.

(Unless otherwise noted, all downloadable files are .pdf)

Amendments (Current TIP)
PDCTC 17-01 (PIN 875545 & 875983)
PDCTC 17-02 (PIN 875874, 876145, 876156, & 878040)
DCTC 17-03 (PIN 800908, 876148, 876174, 876190, & 881321)
DCTC 17-04 (PIN 801076, 806244, 882353, 882354, 882355, 8TD008, 8TRD31, 8TRD47, 8TRD50, 8TRD62, & 8TRD89)
DCTC 17-05 (PIN 814164, 848107, 876195, & 876196)   

Administrative Modifications (Current TIP)
PDCTC 17-A (PIN 875544 & 875591)
PDCTC 17-B (PIN 806244)
PDCTC 17-C (PIN 875545, 876047, & 8TRD34)
DCTC 17-D (PIN 806241, 80PS02, 875538, 875545, & 876145)
DCTC 17-E (PIN 800908, 800911, 80PS02, 8TRD31, & 8TRD50)
DCTC 17-F (PIN 882359)
DCTC 17-G (PIN 875983 & 8TD010)
DCTC 17-H (PIN 876190)
DCTC 17-I (PIN 800911 & 893235)

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