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Millerton Pedestrian Plan

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Pedestrian infrastructure plays a critical role in building healthy, vibrant communities. To support communities in their efforts to become more walkable, the Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC), in partnership with the Dutchess County Planning Department, assists local municipalities with pedestrian plans.

The Millerton Pedestrian Plan is the fifth DCTC-supported pedestrian study completed in recent years, building on previous studies in Rhinebeck, Hyde Park, Pine Plains, and the Arlington Town Center. These previous studies can be found under our Publications page.

For this project, representatives from a Village-designated volunteer Task Force worked with the DCTC to guide the study. The project included three main components: 1) An inventory of existing pedestrian infrastructure in the Village; 2) Recommendations to improve pedestrian access and safety in the Village; and 3) Design concepts for several focus areas.

The inventory of existing conditions was completed in spring 2017, which was followed by an open house that summer to gather feedback on local pedesttian issues and possible improvements. The DCTC held a subsequesnt public presentation in fall 2017 to share its draft recommendations. The DCTC completed the Final Plan with prioritized recommendations in early 2018 and presented its findings to the Village Board in Feb. 2018.

Project Materials (Unless otherwise noted, all downloadable files are .pdf)

Plan Presentation (Nov. 2017)


1- Study Area
2- Population Density
3- Traffic Volume
4- Sidewalk Conditions
5- Sidewalk Issues
6- Curb Ramps
7- Marked Crosswalks & Pedestrian Signals
8- Streetscape Amenities
9- Parking Lots & Commercial Driveways
10- Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts
11- Open House Notes- Issues
12- Open House Notes- Suggestions
13- Infrastructure Recommendations


1- Main-Maple plan view drawing
2- Main-Maple elevation drawing
3- Main-John plan view drawing
4- Main-John elevation drawing
5- Century Blvd plan view drawing
6- Century Blvd elevation drawing

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