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Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


Mark Debald, Transportation Program Administrator

Local Transportation Studies
High-End Speeding Analysis for Dutchess County (2017)
High-End Speeding Analysis for Dutchess County (2016)
Upper Route 9G Corridor Management Plan (2016)
Beacon Center City Parking Analysis (2014)
CR 93 (Myers Corners Rd/Middlebush Rd) Corridor Management Plan (2011) (Parts 12; 3)
Village of Wappingers Falls Route 9 Study - DCTC portion (2011)
Fishkill Route 52 Alternatives Analysis (2007)
Route 9 Land Use and Transportation Study (2007); Summary
Fishkill Traffic Analysis (2006)
I-84 Commercial Vehicle Parking/Rest Area Study (2003) 
Intersection Management Program (2003)
Route 22 Corridor Management Plan (2002)
Wappingers Falls Transportation Plan (2001)
Transportation Plan Update (1998)
Poughkeepsie Transportation Strategy (1997)  

Pedestrian/Bicycle Studies
Millerton Pedestrian Plan (2018); Appendices; Summary Handout 
City of Beacon - Beekman Street Complete Streets Analysis (2018); Appendices
Arlington Pedestrian Plan
(2017); Appendices; Summary Handout
Walk Bike Dutchess
Pine Plains Pedestrian Plan (2014); Executive Summary
Hyde Park Town Center Pedestrian Study (2013); Summary Handout
Village of Rhinebeck Sidewalk Study (2011); Executive Summary
CR 71 (West Road) Sidewalk Feasibility Study (2010); Appendix
Hopewell Hamlet Pedestrian Plan (2002)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (1996)

Safety Assessments
City of Poughkeepsie: Main St/Innis/Worrall Ave Safety Assessment (2017)
CR 19 (Slate Quarry Rd) Safety Assessment (2014)
CR 16 (North Quaker Ln) Safety Assessment (2013)
CR 9 (Beekman Rd) Safety Assessment (2013)

Transit Studies
Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan (2015)
Bus Expansion Feasibility Study (2013)SummaryTech Memo 1; Tech Memo 2
Transit Development Plan (2009)
Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan (2008)
Coordinated Transportation Services Study (2003)

2016 Metropolitan Transportation Plan: Moving Dutchess 2
Executive Summary
Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Federal, State Regional, and County Guidance
Chapter 3: Regional Planning Perspective
Chapter 4: Demographic Overview; Demographic Maps
Chapter 5: Transportation & Natural Resource Overview; Time Travel Maps
Chapter 6-1: Lower Hudson (LH) Overview; LH Maps
Chapter 6-2: Upper Hudson (UH) Overview; UH Maps
Chapter 6-3: Lower Taconic (LT) Overview; LT Maps
Chapter 6-4: Upper Taconic (UT) Overview; UT Maps
Chapter 6-5: Harlem Valley (HV) Overview; HV Maps
Chapter 7: Performance Monitoring
Chapter 8: Recommendations & Financial Plan; Recommendation Maps/Tables
Appendix A: Definitions
Appendix B: Bridge Ratings
Appendix C: ADA
Appendix D: Public Outreach
Appendix E: Unfunded Projects by Area (.pdf); Unfunded Projects by Type

2011 Metropolitan Transportation Plan: Moving Dutchess
Cover and Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Plan Introduction; Chapter 2: Federal, State & Local Guidance; Chapter 3: Regional Perspective; Chapter 4: Demographic Overview; Chapter 5: Transportation & Resource Overview; Chapter 6-1: Lower Hudson Overview; Chapter 6-2: Upper Hudson Overview; Chapter 6-3: Lower Taconic Overview; Chapter 6-4: Upper Taconic Overview; Chapter 6-5: Harlem Valley Overview; Chapter 7: Performance Monitoring; Chapter 8: Recommendations & Financial Plan; Appendix A: Definitions; Appendix B: Recommended Bridge; Projects; Appendix C: NYSDOT ADA Inventory; Appendix D: Public Outreach Summary; Appendix E: Unfunded Project Concepts; Appendix F: Air Quality Codes; Appendix G: Air Quality Conformity Statement; Appendix H: Energy Analysis of Moving Dutchess

2007 Metropolitan Transportation Plan: New Connections
Introduction & Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Introducing New Connections; Chapter 2: A Snapshot of Dutchess County; Chapter 3: Transportation System; Chapter 4: Looking Forward; Chapter 5: Plan Recommendations; Appendix A: Consultation; Appendix B: Air Quality and Energy; Appendix C: Glossary

2003 Metropolitan Transportation Plan: Connections 2025
Introduction; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Metropolitan Transportation System; Chapter 3: Transportation Issues and Goals; Chapter 4: Financial Resources; Chapter 5: Plan Recommendations; Chapter 6: Air Quality and Energy Analysis; Appendices

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) (by State Fiscal Year)
2017-2018; 2016-2017; 2015-2016; 2014-2015; 2013-2014

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects (by Federal Fiscal Year)
2017; 20162015201420132012 
Federal Certification Report (by year)
2013; 2010

Congestion Management Planning
Regional Travel Time Survey (2011):
Summary; Presentation; Charts; Maps (AM; Mid-Day; PM; Sat.)
Congestion Management System for the Mid-Hudson Valley:
Step 1 Report (2005); Step 2 Report (2006)

Other Publications
DCTC Newsletter (Spring/Summer 2017)
DCTC Bylaws & Public Participation Plan (2016)

Fact Sheets (developed by the NYS Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations) 

  1. Electric Vehicles & Charging Networks
  2. Complete Streets
  3. Complete Streets 2.0 
  4. Timing Traffic Signals to Accommodate Pedestrians (intended for local staff that develops signal timing plans or maintains signals)
  5. Designing Signalized Intersections to Accommodate All Users (a less technical version, intended for elected officials and others)
  6. Traffic Safety Plans and Programs: How You Can Be Involved
  7. Know Your Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws

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