2019 NYS OCFS Grant Funding Information

Dept. of Community & Family Services (DCFS)
Sabrina Jaar Marzouka, JD, MPH, Commissioner


2019 NYS OCFS Grant Application Checklist for Youth Services


Below is the list of documents that need to be completed and submitted to the Division of Youth Services for 2019 funding consideration.  All grants are due to the Division of Youth Services on or before Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by 3:00 pm.  Applicants should allow for adequate mail delivery time for grants to arrive before the due date or should plan to hand deliver the grant applications.  Anything received later will not be considered for funding.  If mailing the grant paperwork, allow sufficient time for it to arrive and mail it to:

June Ellen Notaro, Director of Youth Services
Dutchess Co Dept. of Community & Family Services
60 Market Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

If hand delivering your grant application, you will need to drop off at the above address with staff in Reception.  Allow sufficient time to find parking and standing in line in Reception.  Emailed grants will not be accepted.

Here are a few items to know before you get started:

  • Grants must be typed.  Please check for accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 
  • Grants ranging from $5000 to $25,000 will be awarded to programs that provide free direct services designed to improve youth and community outcomes as outlined in the NYS Office of Children and Family Services six Life Areas: Economic Security, Physical and Emotional Health, Education, Citizenship/Civic Engagement, Family, and Community.  Programs must serve Dutchess County residents, up to 21 years of age for calendar year 2019.  Eligible applicants should be either a county municipality or 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization with a federal identification number and charity registration, operating in Dutchess County, ability to meet the county’s insurance requirements, and have reliable access to electronic mail. 
  • Programs must meet the funding priorities as listed on the 2019 YBCC Funding Priorities for NYS OCFS Grant Application sheet which are based on NYS OCFS Goals, Objectives, Services, Opportunities and Supports (SOS’s) and Performance Measures.  This year, programs that offer a mentoring component are encouraged to apply.  You are allowed only ONE SOS in your program application.
  • Budgets are best if they are kept simple…personnel costs, admin staff and fringe less than 25%, M&O, apportioned rent/space costs.  The amount of money you are requesting must be in whole dollar amounts (minimum is $5000, max is $25,000) with two zeros at the end…for example $6500, $8000, $15,500).  Program costs must directly be related to the funded program. 
  • If you have Contracted Services and if you are funded, you will be required to submit the MOU or Contract outlining those services including but not limited to the beginning and end date of the service; name and contact info of contractor; description of service; number of youth to be served; fee to be paid and when; and possibly the contractor’s resume. The County’s insurance requirements also applies to contracted service providers.  
  • NYS OCFS will not have the county’s actual allocation of funding until after the State budget is passed in April 2019.  Depending on the county’s final allocation, programs that are funded could see a dollar amount change.
  • There is no appeal process for agencies that do not receive funding. 


Instructions on each Section of the Grant Application – Grants must be typed.  Handwritten grants will not be accepted. 

Checklist Items Below:  The following items need to be returned on or before Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by 3:00 pm. 

The forms listed below in numbers 1-5 can all be found on our website along with helpful Technical Assistance Documents.  If you are including a Cover Letter please make sure to include the original and the seven copies.

  1. OCFS Form 5001 (Individual Program Application – Program Information).  Please make sure that original signatures of your Executive Director or Municipal Supervisor/Mayor are included. 
  2. OCFS Form 5002 (Agency Program Profile).  Please make sure that your demographic data is complete and adds up in each category to equal the Projected Total Program Enrollment (# of youth to be served).  Make sure you do not go over the 100-word limit in each of the Features of Positive Youth Development.  There is a helpful hints list you can use to complete the features of youth development settings.
  3. OCFS Form 5003 (Program Summary-Program Components).  This section pertains to the Touchstone Life Areas, Goals, Objectives, and Service Opportunities & Supports (SOS).  OCFS will allow ONE SOS.   The YBCC Funding Priorities SOS’s and related Performance Measures are provided.  Make sure to write the codes exactly as they appear on the provided document.
  4. 2019 Division of Youth Services Grant Application.  The grant application includes the Logic Model (Attachment I), Outcome Form (Attachment II), Board List (Attachment III), and the Budget Form (Attachment H - program only budget).  Be sure to complete the budget form for the entire program (not the agency). 
  5. Memorandums of Understanding or Letters of Agreement - If your 2019 program is held offsite at a school, another agency or location, please provide one copy of each MOU or Letter of Agreement indicating the relationship and outline what the host site agrees to provide for 2019.  If your program engages with another agency to provide services to your customers on a regular basis, then an MOU is needed.  MOU’s are not needed for the referrals.  One copy only.
  6. Submit One copy of the most recent agency audit or the most recent IRS Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax)
  7. For New Agencies- Please submit proof of your 501c3 non-profit account verification.  You may be required to submit other supporting documents if you are funded. One copy only.
  8. Please submit the original and 7 copies of the entire grant (except # 6-7 above) to the DCFS-Division of Youth Services, 60 Market St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 on or before Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by 3:00 pm.  The ORIGINAL should be single sided but the copies can be double-sided to save paper.  If you are including a Cover Letter please make sure to include the original and the seven copies.  Agencies should allow for adequate mail delivery time for grants to arrive before the due date or should plan to hand deliver the grant applications.  Any grants arriving late will not be considered for funding.

No grants will be reviewed prior to the due date of Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by 3:00 pm.  We encourage you to make sure all documents are included in the original and copies of the grant.  The Youth Board and Coordinating Council’s (YBCC) Proposals Committee will review all grant applications and make funding recommendations to the full YBCC by November 20, 2018.  Agencies will be notified in writing by December 15, 2018 if they were funded or not.  There is no appeal process for denied applications.   YBCC members that work or sit on BOD’s for organizations applying for grants must recuse themselves from voting.