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Enhanced 9-1-1 Oversight Board
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In 1999, the Dutchess County Legislature created the Enhanced 9-1-1 Oversight Board. The resolution stated, ”That the County of Dutchess hereby establishes the E-911 Oversight Board which shall meet on a bi-monthly basis or more frequently if necessary as deemed by the chairperson. The duties of said E-911 Oversight Board are to make recommendations to the Department of Emergency Response for the call taking and dispatching operation of the E-911 Communications Center. The board will also act as the hearing and decision board for any conflicts, investigations and problems that may arise from a procedural application by the E-911 Dispatch Center”.

In order to get a broad range of perspectives, the Oversight Board is made up of approximately 15 appointed individuals from various groups including Citizens, Fire Districts, EMS, Police Agencies, County Executive Representatives, Municipal Leaders, Highway, and the County Legislature.

The Board currently meets quarterly on the fourth Monday of the month.


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