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How Enhanced 9-1-1 Works
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With Enhanced 9-1-1 a citizen’s telephone call is instantly routed to the County’s E-911 Center; unless the call was initiated from the City of Poughkeepie, in which case the call goes directly to the City’s Dispatch Center. From the time the call arrives a series of events happen in quick succession including the following:

  • The moment the 9-1-1 land-line (home phone) call is answered by the call-taker, the address, phone number, the name of the residence/business and other information is displayed on a screen known as an ANI/ALI (Automatic Location Identifier). This information is particularly useful in hang-up situations, because the call taker can call back the number and/or send a unit to the identified address. Cell phones are a bit different; see section regarding cell phones in the table of contents. 

  • After the connection is made to the caller, the dispatcher then obtains the necessary information needed to dispatch the appropriate agencies, whether it be an Ambulance, the Fire Department, Police, or some combination of service providers.

  • 9-1-1 callers do not have to know which municipal service responds to the location they are calling from, as the County’s CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system uses the address from the 9-1-1 ALI screen along with the nature of the emergency, from the caller, to automatically determine the proper agency and units to send.

  • While the call taker continues to gather information from the caller; a second 9-1-1 staff member, a dispatcher, sends the proper units the address of the emergency.

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