Dutchess at a Glance
Enjoy the Diversity of Our County...

Dutchess County is a great place to live, work, and visit. If you are new to this area or just visiting, please take a few minutes to browse “Dutchess at a Glance”. We think that you’ll see and appreciate the many facets of our community - whether you’re interested in Employment Opportunities, Colleges, Cultural Arts, Historic Sites, Recreation facilities or simply want to explore the beauty of the area. Our County is centrally located between New York City and Albany; so these metropolitan areas open up another spectrum of opportunities to you as well.





Enjoy the beauty of Dutchess County by visiting our parks or following one of the many trails that traverse our County.Dutchess County is rich with Historic Sites and Museums, such as the FDR Home National Historic Site (pictured). Find more information about places of interest on the DC Tourism Website.Read more about our local environment, the County's Greenway Compact Program, and how as a county we are thinking and caring for the environment that sustains us.Dutchess is home to many fine colleges, such as Vassar College (pictured). Read more about the higher education institutions that are located throughout Dutchess County.

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