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Navigation - Dutchess County Online has been divided into areas of interest: County Government, Municipalities, Business & Community, Schools, and Tourism & Leisure. Throughout our site, you will find a Navigation Bar at the top of each page listing these areas. Clicking on any one of these categories will take you to the home page for that area. Clicking on Dutchessny.GOV at the top of each page will always return you to the main homepage for Dutchess County Online. Additionally, many pages also have a Table of Contents Menu located on the left side of the page. These menus will help you to navigate through a selected section.

Links - Links in Dutchess County Online are characterized by bold blue text, in some cases by underlined words, and always by your PCs “link select” pointer. By clicking on these links you will be taken to other pages within our site or to external sites and pages. Links to external websites and pages will open in a new browser window. If you are taken to an external site by following a link in Dutchess County Online, closing the new browser window will return you to the page within our site that you were previously viewing.

INFOACCESS - InfoAccess is the exciting, new GIS-based map application developed by Dutchess County OCIS. InfoAccess takes a broad range of location-related information and makes it viewable in themed "categories" on GIS maps such as: health care facilities, schools, transportation, senior friendship centers. InfoAccess can be found throughout the County website as well as municipal websites that have been developed by OCIS as part of the Shared Services initiative  – just look for the icon  

ParcelAccess - Please note the following when using this application: temporarily turn off any Pop-Up blockers; Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view some data; ParcelAccess pages are best viewed at a screen size of 1024 by 728 or higher.

PDF Files - Many documents on the Dutchess County Online website are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC to view or print these PDF documents.

DutchessDelivery - As a visitor to the Dutchess County Website, you can sign up for notifications via email and, in some cases, by text message on a cell or mobile phone when the content on selected County webpages is updated.  Simply click on the DutchessDelivery button located at the top of select County webpages to take advantage of this service.

Contact Us - We welcome your comments and suggestions and are here to provide answers to your questions regarding Dutchess County services. You can contact specific county departments by using Your Dutchess Direct, our automated response system, or you can send an email to our general support account.  Click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any of our webpages to access either of these options.

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