Civil Service Web Applications Dutchess County, NY

Working with the Application Wizard


The following sections explain how to use certain parts of the application wizard. For further information, refer to the instructions presented on the first two pages of the application wizard.


Navigating Through the Wizard

Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the bottom right of the webpage, or the links in the sidebar to navigate throughout the application. Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to navigate back and forth one step at a time in the application wizard. This is recommended so that you do not accidentally skip over a step. The links in the sidebar are intended to be used to go back and change something several steps earlier in the application. Please do not use them to skip over steps or the application will not be valid and will not be accepted.

Required Fields

All required fields will have a bold label and an asterisk (*) next to the label.

Adding past civil service history, professional licenses, higher education history, and work history to the application.

Several parts of the application (past civil service history, professional licenses, higher education, and work history) allow you to enter multiple records. For example, you may enter several previous jobs you have held, or several schools you have attended. In these sections, click the "Add" button to add a new record. A blank record will be added to the page and you can fill in the details of your higher education, work history, etc. To remove a record, simply click the "Remove" button at the bottom of the respective record.

Application Validation and Warnings

In addition to the final validation performed when you click the "Finish" button at the end of the application wizard, the information you enter is validated at each step in the wizard as well. If you do not complete a required field or if you enter invalid information, such as entering only 7 digits for a social security number, an asterisk (*) will appear next to the question and a message indicating the problem will appear at the top of the page. Therefore, if you click the "Next" button and the wizard does not advance to the next page, check top of the page for errors.

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