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Additional information that describes a document. The comment may have a different meaning based on the document type. Below are some common abbreviations and terms that may appear in the comments:

Abbreviation Description
Agri Comm Agricultural Commitment
Agmt Agreement
Approp Appropriation
Assn Assignment of Mortgage
Assn/L Assignment of Lease
Assn/LR Assignment of Lease & Rents
Assn/R Assignment of Rents
Assn/Rerec Assignment of Re-Record
Contr/Sale Contract of Sale
Corr/Assn Correction Recording
County Court where the case resides (for Clerk's Minutes type documents).
Corr/Rec Correction Recording
Ctf/Approv Certificate of Approval
Ctf/Dpftl Certificate of Discharge of property from Federal Tax Lien
Declar Declaration
Dsch Discharge of Mortgage
Ease Easement
Estop/Ctf Estoppel Certificate
Forest/Tl Forest Tax Law
Lease Lease
PA Power of Attorney (These documents are recorded in deeds.)
PM Postponement of Mortgage
Rel Release
Rel/Etl Release of Estate Tax Lien
Rel/Judg Release of Judgment
ReRecord Re-Record instrument
Rev PA Revocation of Power of Attorney
RW Right of way
Supreme Court where the case resides (for Clerk's Minutes type documents).
Term Termination

Complement Name

Additional name of an individual or business associated with the document.

Date Recorded

The date on which the document was recorded in the County Clerk's office.

Doc #

When a document is recorded it is assigned a sequential number. This number, combined with the year it was recorded and the document type, makes the document number unique. Some documents are assigned a letter which is appended to the sequential document number to differentiate between documents within a document type. The following describes the meaning of the letters assigned to various document types:

Document Type Letter Description
Mortgage A Indicates an assignment from one lending company to another.
D Indicates a discharge of mortgage. This document is filed by the lender when a mortgage has been paid in full.
Judgment T Indicates a transcript of judgment.
C Indicates a Clerk’s Minutes Judgment. It is a court case recorded in Clerk’s Minutes and has been awarded a settlement.
D Indicates a default judgment
Consolidated Liens AP Indicates Assignment of Proceeds.
B Indicates Building Loan.
C Indicates Order appointing Receiver
CB Indicates Criminal Bail Bond.
CL Indicates Condo Lien.
CV Indicates Crime Victim Lien.
F Indicates UCC Financing Statement.
G Indicates State Aid Grant Lien.
HL Indicates Hospital Lien.
M Indicates Mechanics Lien
MED Indicates Medicaid Lien
NA Indicates Notice of Assignment
NL Indicates Notice of Lending
NRE Indicates Notice of Real Estate Lien
NEL Indicates Notice of Environmental Lien
PWL Indicates Public Welfare Lien
SB Indicates Surety Bond
SKL Indicates Stable Keepers Lien

EC (Error / Correction)

Indicates that the document had an error corrected. E indicates the party that had an error. C indicates the party with the corrected information.

Liber / Page

Liber / Page was used prior to document imaging to indicate the location of a document. Liber refers to the book number and page refers to the page within that book.

LP (Lis Pendens)

Notice that a lawsuit has been filed.


Identifies the person(s) or business(es) recorded on the documents.

Party Type

Party types are specific to a particular document type. The relationship between party type and document type is shown below:

Document Type Party Types
Clerk's Minutes / LP Plaintiff
Consolidated Liens Plaintiff
Deed Grantee
Delinquent Taxes No Party Types
Federal Tax Lien Plaintiff
Judgment Plaintiff
Mortgage Mortgagee
Tax Sales No Party Types

Sat (Satisfaction)

An S indicates that certain documents have been satisfied:

Document Type Explanation
Consolidated Liens Money owed has been paid.
Delinquent Taxes Property taxes have been paid.
Federal Tax Liens Taxes and penalties have been paid to the IRS.
Judgment The money awarded to the plaintiff by the court has been paid by the defendant.
Mortgage Mortgage has been paid.
Tax Sales Property taxes have been paid.


When searching mortgages and deeds this represents the town in which the property is located.


The document type. The following types of documents are available to be searched. Please note that not all document types have images available. View document availability.

Document Type Description
Clerk’s Minutes (Clerks Min/LP) Court cases
Consolidated Liens Unpaid debt
Deed Title to real estate
Delinquent Taxes Unpaid property taxes
Federal Tax Liens Unpaid taxes to the IRS
Judgments Court decision made following a lawsuit
Mortgage Real estate loan
Tax Sales Unpaid property taxes


The year in which the document is recorded. View document availability.