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For what years is document information available?

Document information is available for different years depending on the document type. See the table below:

Document Type Years for which document information is available. Years for which document images are available.
Mortgages / Deeds 1989 to present
Clerk’s Minutes 1987 to present
Judgments 1987 to present
Tax Sales County - 1987 to 1994
Villages, City of Beacon and City of Poughkeepsie - 1987 to present
Delinquent Taxes 1995 to present
Federal Tax Liens 1987 to present
Consolidated Liens 1987 to present

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When I view the document, it contains a watermark that reads "Unpaid / Unofficial Document". How do I obtain a copy without the watermark?

To remove the watermark, you must purchase the document. Once you purchase the document, you will be able to download and / or print a copy of the document without the watermark. Once you purchase a document, you have seven (7) days to access it.

How do I purchase a document?

You may purchase copies of documents online with a credit or debit card. You may select the pages you wish to purchase -- you do not need to purchase the entire document. When you display the document, enter the page range you wish to purchase and click on the Add To Cart button. The document will be placed in your online shopping cart. (Note: You must enter the page range according to the pages displayed in the PDF document viewer. The page numbers displayed on the document image may not match the page numbers displayed in the viewer). If you wish to purchase pages that are not consecutive (e.g. pages 2 - 3 and pages 7 - 10), you must enter the two page ranges separately and add the document to the cart twice.

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