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  Financial Help   

Q.  Where can a senior citizen get help paying heating costs?

The type of assistance available depends on your income.  The Dutchess County Office For The Aging offers a Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) funded through the New York State and Dutchess County Department of Community & Family Services.  Call the Dutchess County Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555.  The toll free number is (866) 486-2555.

Q.  I am a senior citizen and need help paying my medical bills. Who can I call?

The type of financial help available depends on your income and the nature of the bills.  Contact the Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555 for information.

Q.  As a senior citizen, is there any type of financial assistance available to help me with the cost of home repairs?

The Dutchess County Senior Citizen Owner-Occupied Property Rehabilitation Program is available to low and moderate-income senior citizen households to help them with the cost of home repairs.  For more information and the application, see the Forms webpage under Planning and Development or call (845) 486-3600.

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  Health Insurance/Medicaid-Medicare  

Q.  Does Medicaid pay for assisted living, adult home or nursing home placement?

Medicaid does not pay for adult home placement.  However, some assisted living residences and most nursing homes accept Medicaid.  Call the Office for the Aging at (845) 486-2555 to determine your needs.

Q.  Does Medicaid pay for home care for seniors?

A need for Medicaid home care must be determined by a nurse from NY Connects.  For more information call (845) 475-3511.

Q.  What are the qualifications for Medicaid and how does one apply?

Medicaid is based on income, not on age.  Call Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555 for an application.

Q.  What does Medicare pay for in regards to long-term care?

Medicare does not pay for long-term care, however, an intake worker can evaluate your needs and find out programs that are best suited to your needs.  Call the Office for the Aging at (845) 486-2555.

Q.  Where can seniors get help paying for prescriptions?

New York State's Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program is a prescription plan for senior citizens who need help paying for their prescriptions.  Medicare-approved drug discount cards are also available.  Contact HIICAP at the Dutchess County Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555.

Q.  How do I get insurance to supplement Medicare?

The staff at the Office For The Aging can provide you with the most current information.  Please contact HIICAP at (845) 486-2555

Q.  How can seniors get help with health insurance questions and problems?

Dutchess County's Health Insurance Information, Counseling, and Assistance Program (HIICAP) can assist seniors with health insurance questions.  Office For The Aging also offers seminars on Medicare and other related problems.  Call Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555.

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  Help for Families and Caregivers of the Elderly     

Q.  I am responsible for taking care of my elderly parents. Where can I go for advice/moral support?

Caregiving is often stressful and tiring.  Visit Tips for Caregivers  to access helpful tips and resources for caregivers.

Q.  My senior mother/father is getting confused. What should I do?

An NY Connects intake worker can discuss the situation with you and help you to obtain information or make an assessment.  Call (845) 475-3511 for assistance.

Q.  How can I get my senior mother/father to stop driving?

Contact Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555 for information about the Driver Re-Evaluation Program.

Q.  How can I get my senior mother/father to accept help?

Let's talk or visit our caregiver collection at Adriance Library.  Contact NY Connects at (845) 486-2555.

Q.  Where can I obtain the name, address and telephone numbers of Office for the Aging agencies in other counties?

The Dutchess County Office For The Aging can supply the names, addresses and telephone numbers of out-of-county Department of Aging's or can access the Elder Care Locator.  Call (845) 486-2555 for information.

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  Home Care Services    

Q.  How do I donate or obtain a loan of medical equipment?

The Office For The Aging/NY Connects does not loan or accept donations of medical equipment.  Call the Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555 to obtain phone numbers of area loan closets.

Q.  Where can I find information about respite care for seniors?

Respite care can be provided through private providers and facilities.  Call the Office for the Aging at (845) 486-2555 to discuss your needs as a caregiver.

Q.  After discharge from the hospital or rehabilitation center what type of help is available to seniors?

A nurse from NY Connects can help to assess long-term care needs.  Call (845) 475-3511 for assistance.

Q.  As a senior, how do I get help with my housekeeping?

An assessment of your needs can be made by NY Connects for Office For The Aging programs and private vendors who offer housekeeping.  Call  (845) 486-2555 for more information.

Q.  As a senior, how do I get an aide to help me at home?

Office For The Aging or certain Medicaid may be appropriate.  Call NY Connects at (845) 486-2555 for an assessment.

Q.  What services are available to the elderly or handicapped who would like to remain in their homes and need homecare?

NY Connects staff authorizes a number of homecare programs including Medicaid, EISEP, and case management services for those who are eligible.  For more information contact them at (845) 475-3511.  The following links provide access to additional information: 


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Q.  How do I apply to an assisted living facility?

Before applying, an unbiased assessment is needed to determine the level of care needed.  Please contact NY Connects at (845) 486-2555 for an intake worker to assess your needs.  View our list of Assisted Living Facilities in Dutchess County for additional information.

Q.  How do I apply to a nursing home for seniors?

Before applying, an unbiased assessment is needed to determine the level of care needed.  Please contact NY Connects at (845) 475-3511 for an intake worker to assess your needs.  View our list of Nursing Homes in Dutchess County  for additional information.

Q.  How do I apply to an adult home?

Before applying, an unbiased assessment is needed to determine the level of care needed.  Please contact NY Connects at (845) 475-3511 for an intake worker to assess your needs.  View our list of Adult Homes in Dutchess County for  additional information

Q.  What housing is available for seniors? What is Section 8 Housing?

There are several forms of subsidized housing for senior citizens in Dutchess County. Some housing complexes are run by governmental agencies, while others are operated by not-for-profit organizations or profit making companies. In addition to housing sites, the Section 8 program also includes housing vouchers and certificates which may be used as payment toward rent in privately owned apartments.  Visit our Section 8 Housing web pages for more information on Section 8 housing income guidelines and a list of available units.

Q.  Where can I find a list of senior housing developments in Dutchess County?

The Long Term Care Resource Directory provides contact information and other details for senior citizen housing developments within Dutchess County.  Click on the following link to view Housing/Residential Choices Contact Information.

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  Long Term Care    

Q.  Where can I find information about long term care services available?

The long term care Resource Directory is designed to assist you in finding long term care services and information available in Dutchess County.

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Q.  Where can my parent get a hot lunch and socialization?

We have 8 Friendship Centers located around the County.  The current month's meal menu is also available online.

Q.  What types of nutrition services are available for seniors who are homebound?

The Office For The Aging offers Home Delivered Meals to homebound seniors.  Home visit assessments are made by personnel from the Nutrition Program to determine each person's eligibility. For more information contact the Office For The Aging Nutrition Department, (845) 486-2555, toll free (866) 486-2555 (outside 845 area code only). 

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  Personal Safety   

Q.  How can I get a medical alert button?

A list of Life Line vendors who provide this service as well as other personal emergency response systems (PERS) is available on the Office For The Aging's Reassurance Programs web page or by calling NY Connects at (845) 486-2555.

Q.  I know a senior who is being abused by their relative. Whom should I call?

Contact Protective Services for Adults. Phone: (845) 486-3300.
For more information on the warning signs of elder abuse, visit the National Center on Elder Abuse Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.  I'm concerned about my elderly neighbor who seems unable to care for him/herself adequately. Who can I call for assistance?

Contact Dutchess County Office For The Aging, 27 High Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601; Voice (845) 486-2555;   Fax (845) 486-2571; Toll Free (866) 486-2555 (outside 845 area code only); our automated response system: Go to Your Dutchess Direct

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Q.  What services are available for grandparents who are caregivers for their grandchildren?

For information, call Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555.  For additional resources and services, visit New York State Office for the Aging's Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children website at:

They provide a downloadable 96-page handbook at the following link:

Q.  What programs are available to seniors for socialization?

Friendship centers are located throughout Dutchess County. Contact the Office for the Aging at (845) 486-2555 to find out more. Additionally, you can contact NY Connects at (845) 475-3511 for information regarding social day care programs.

Q.  When and where are driving classes for seniors held?

Classes for the AARP-55 Alive driving program are held at various locations throughout the year.  For information on the next class near you, call toll-free (888) 227-7669.

Q.  How do I locate the senior exercise sites and how do I obtain an application?

Information and applications for the senior exercise program are sent out by Office For The Aging.  Please call (845) 486-2555.   Locations of the classes can also be found online on the webpages of the Office For The Aging.  Visit our senior exercise program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for additional information.

Q.  Are there any upcoming events in Dutchess County that are geared towards senior citizens?

Visit Office For The Aging's Calendar of Events.

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  Senior Legal Services   

Q.  Are there any legal services available to seniors who cannot afford a lawyer?

Office For The Aging provides legal services for seniors once a week to help with simple wills, health proxies, etc.  For more information contact Office For The Aging Reception at (845) 486-2555.

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  Senior Tax Exemption Information    

Q.  Where can I find information about the types of property tax exemptions available to senior citizens?

View Local Options in Exemption Administration for Persons Over 65 for an explanation of the types of exemption options available to persons over 65.  You can also visit the website of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to access additional information regarding Senior Citizens' exemptions as well as downloadable application and renewal application forms.

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  Senior/Disabled Transportation    

Q.  Is there transportation available to seniors for medical appointments?

Some medical transportation is available for seniors.  Medicaid clients should call Medicaid Transportation at (845) 473-0813; a three-day notice is required.  Non-Medicaid clients should call Office For The Aging at (845) 486-2555.

Q.  What transportation is available to seniors who no longer drive for shopping and social activities?

Transportation available to seniors includes: Dial-A-Ride, the Dutchess County Public Transit Bus, volunteer organizations, and churches.  For more information contact Office For The Aging Reception (845) 486-2555. 

Q.  I am a disabled senior citizen, what transportation services are available?

The Dutchess County Public Transit System operates three (3) types of Paratransit Services that provide curb-to-curb service: an ADA Complementary Paratransit Service, a Dial-A-Ride program, and a Rural Paratransit Service. Each program has its own specific eligibility criteria and regulations.

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