Employee Spotlight: Children’s Services in the Departments of Health and Community & Family Services


Employee Spotlight: Children’s Services
in the Departments of Health and Community & Family Services

Photo: Marcus J. MolinaroIn this Dutchess Dialogue, our employee spotlight shines bright on the hard working employees who provide services to Dutchess County’s children and families. Dutchess County employees are dedicated and passionate about the important work they do;  from services for children with special needs and our maternal health nursing program, to child protective services,  foster care and adoption.   Our employees care for our community’s most vulnerable children and we are grateful  for their care and compassion.

- Marcus J. Molinaro



More information about the services referenced in this Dutchess Dialogue:


Nursing and Clinical Services

Maternal and Child Home Visiting Program
Public Health Nurses are available to provide comprehensive home based services, to families, that start during pregnancy or after a child is born. Home visits provide education, support and case management services and are focused on assisting parents to meet the challenges of parenting and to assure the healthy development of children. Call (845) 486-3419.

Children with Special Needs Services

Early Intervention Program
Families with infants and toddlers who have special needs may be eligible to receive services to enhance the child's growth and development. Call (845) 486-3518 for referrals.

Preschool Special Education Program
Services are provided for children with special needs, ages 3-5, in conjunction with the family's school district. Call your local school district's Office of Special Education for referrals. For other information about the program, call (845) 486-2759.



Home Finding and Foster Care

The Adoption and Homefinding Unit is responsible for recruiting, training and certifying foster and adoptive applicants. There is a great need for more foster homes and more adoptive applicants for school age children. Anyone interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent for Dutchess County children may call (845) 486-3068 for more information.

Child Protective Services is responsible for investigations of abuse and/or neglect of children under 18 years of age. Staff are available seven days a week, 24 hours per day to investigate reports received through the State Central Register for Child Abuse (1-800-342-3720).

The Foster Care Unit is responsible for providing case management and direct services to children in foster family homes and their birth families. There are currently over 100 certified foster homes available for Dutchess County children and we continually recruit and need more foster parents. There is a foster parent liaison who assists in sharing information with foster parents and addresses foster parents’ needs and concerns. For more information, call (845) 486-3076.

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