Emergency Response:Training Division


Emergency Response
Dana Smith, Commissioner



A Deputy Coordinator is assigned to oversee the Training Division. The Training Coordinator with the Battalion Coordinators to schedule NYS Fire Academy Outreach Courses. New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control assigns State Fire Instructors to Dutchess County to teach the State courses.  These courses are entry level, such as Firefighter I, to advanced firefighter classes, such as fire officer management. Traditionally, Dutchess County has provided between 1200 to 1500 training hours each year, both in classroom and practical evolutions at the Fire Training Center.

Dutchess County maintains a Fire Training Academy at 392 Creek Road. Classrooms and several training props the two story live burn facility, mask confidence course, firefighter survival simulator, confined space training simulator and propane fire simulator, as well as, vehicle pads to practice extrication are available for use. Any Dutchess County fire department, police or EMS agency that has certified instructors may register to use these facilities.

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