Dutchess County Natural Resources Inventory (NRI)

Planning and Development
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner



Montage of Natural Resources of Dutchess County

The Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) of Dutchess County, NY is a tool that is available to local municipal officials to help guide land use decisions and allow the community to consider innovative tools for natural resource protection. 

The NRI catalogues the natural resources of the county and interprets the findings.  EMC members, municipal officials, planning boards and zoning boards of appeals, conservation advisory commissions, and watershed organizations can use the NRI to help inform land use decisions, guide in the development of policies, and identify areas for natural resource conservation and management. 

The NRI is a key tool that can be used during the comprehensive planning process, for preparation and review of proposed development plans, and to assist in completing environmental assessment forms.  Members of the public, students and teachers can use the NRI as a general source of information about the county, and to enhance their place-based environmental curriculum and teaching.

The Dutchess County NRI is available as an electronic document.  Each chapter is available for download as a PDF document. You must have Acrobat® Reader™ to view the chapters of the NRI.

To download each chapter individually, click on the links below:

 1985 Natural Resources Inventory

 NRIs and GIS Maps of Dutchess County Municipalities (coming soon)

 2010 NRI Conference Presentations and Posters 



The 2010 Dutchess County Natural Resource Inventory was developed through a collaboration between several agencies and organizations, including those listed below. The NRI Steering committee provided guidance for the entire project, and collaborated with local experts and scientists to update each chapter of the NRI.

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