Highway Garage and Auto Center

Highway Division
Gary Cooper, Highway Division Director



The Highway Garage maintains all of the Division’s heavy equipment, including plow trucks, other trucks, grading equipment, pavers, trailers, and highway mowers.  The Division’s inventory has 190 pieces of equipment to be maintained.  The Highway Garage also assists the Airport and Parks Divisions in maintaining their equipment.

The Auto Service Center maintains the County’s fleet of passenger vehicles, which includes sedans, passenger vans, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and small mowers.  Some of these vehicles are hybrids and some are alternative fuel vehicles.  Departments with vehicles include the Sheriff’s Office, Health Department, Social Services, and others.  The total inventory consists of more than 600 vehicles.  (The Auto Service Center also is pursuing shared service agreements to maintain vehicles with other municipalities and government agencies).

An annual auction of surplus county vehicles is held.   To be notified about the annual auction, sign up for Dutchess Delivery.


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