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Robert H. Balkind, PE, Commissioner


Q.  How can I get the speed lowered on my road?

To lower or change the speed limit on a road is a complicated process. First, the town board whose jurisdiction the road falls under must pass a resolution requesting the change. The resolution is then forwarded to the County Department of Public Works Engineering Division for a recommendation. Lastly, the request passes to the NYS Department of Transportation for a final determination.

Q.  How do a get a sign erected on a road?

First determine the ownership of  the road. To have a sign posted on a county road, call the Dutchess County Department of Public Works - Engineering Division at (845) 486-2925.  For a New York State road, contact the local NYS Department of Transportation - Traffic & Safety Division at (845) 575-6040. For a town or city road, contact the appropriate municipality. View our list of local municipal contact numbers.

Q.  How can I tell who is responsible for maintaining a particular road or section of a road (potholes, paving, snow removal, etc.)?

Our list of County-owned highways include center line mileage and lane mile breakdowns.

The County’s Address InfoFinder application can also be used to determine whether an area of road falls under the jurisdiction of the County’s Highway Division.

  • Open Address Info-Finder
  • Enter address information into the form (If you don’t have an exact address, entering a street name and choosing a town will provide a list of addresses.)
  • Open the report of the matching address
  • The Road Authority for that section of the road will be listed at the top of the page.


Please note: If you feel the information that Address Info-Finder has provided as to whether or not a road or road segment is County-owned, contact the Department of Emergency Response at (845) 486-2080.

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