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Eric Axelsen,

Department of Finance
Real Property Tax Service Agency (RPTSA)
22 Market Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Voice (845) 486-2140   Fax (845) 486-2093
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Real Property Tax Service Agency Mission Statement imageThe majority of functions of the Real Property Tax Service Agency (RPTSA) are mandated by Article 15A of the Real Property Tax Law.  The Agency’s primary function is the production and maintenance of tax maps.  These maps were originally designed for local assessors to assist them in fulfilling their legal obligations by displaying the size and location of parcels within the towns, cities, villages, schools and special districts.  This work is done according to standardized specifications so that there is general uniformity throughout the state.  Since their development in 1971, these maps have been used in a wide variety of applications in which government and the public depends.  In 1999, the Agency converted its manual mapping processes to Geographic Information Services (GIS) technology in which data and maps are united as computer data.

The new process represents a dramatic change in information technology that will serve to broaden our services to local government, the county, and the private sector.

The Real Property Tax Service Agency provides services to local assessors related to appraisals, sales, and revaluation projects.  The Agency actively assists in the disposition of tax delinquent property and the preparation and distribution of tax and assessment rolls.   This agency also investigates and makes recommendations to school districts, cities, villages and the county legislature concerning the correction of errors on tax rolls, acts as a liaison between the state and local government on property tax administration, provides training programs for assessors and boards of assessment review and provides escrow account management services to local municipalities.

The Dutchess County Charter directs the Agency to prepare tax rates for the county, towns and special districts.  We also provide fee services for reproduction of tax maps and aerial photography, air photo enlargements, ad hoc data reporting and data entry services.


Director 's Message

We are an award-winning department, recognized for outstanding service to the local assessors and the public, in general.  Please feel free to visit our office.  Here, you can find assessment and property ownership information, along with tax maps and aerial photos.  Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you. 

Eric Axelsen, Director


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