Budget Narrative

Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


William Johnson, Administrator


2017 STOP-DWI Program Budget Narrative


The 2017 appropriations will be utilized in the following components:



By funding law enforcement activities (DWI patrols and sobriety checkpoints) the enforcement component will encourage the general public in Dutchess County not to drive while impaired because of an increased probability of being caught and arrested. This is usually evaluated at the end of the year by reviewing data detailing the number of hours per DWI arrest, the number of DWI arrests on regular patrol, the number of arrests on STOP funded patrols, the percentage of alcohol related crashes compared to total crashes, and the number of alcohol-related fatalities and injuries. Appropriations are based on previous performance, as well as each agencies justification for funding.  

Deterrence efforts will continue to be reinforced through publication of the results and statistics of law enforcement’s activities throughout the year. The Dutchess County STOP-DWI Program will continue to maintain high visibility to enhance the public’s awareness and perception of an active and effective program. 

The following activities will be undertaken in 2017 to accomplish this goal:        

  • Funding of DWI Overtime patrols targeting the days/times that have an increased statistical probability and previous history of high DWI activity, and/or the incidence of Alcohol/Drug Related Fatal & Personal Injury crashes. Through an RFP process funding allocations (totaling $46,000) will be outcome based and performance driven. The Program will contractually reimburse municipalities for personnel overtime and fringe costs, as well as loaning requested deterrence equipment to assist in the apprehension of impaired drivers.
  • To partially fund one full time, county level law enforcement officer’s position ($45,000), through the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, to increase STOP-DWI activity in areas without local police coverage (1 FTE, 35% fringe).
  • 2017 Budget includes grant application submitted to the NYS STOP-DWI Foundation for an “Impaired Driving Crackdown Grant Project” totaling $20,000. Funding request reflects appropriations for coordinated enforcement efforts and sobriety checkpoint details including utilization of Drug Recognition Experts (DRE’s).
  • Continued coordination/support of related law enforcement training opportunities aimed at increasing law enforcement officer’s effectiveness in both alcohol and drug related impaired driving arrests. 


Court Related:

 The 2017 Plan will continue to support additional District Attorney’s services in Dutchess County to maintain a strong conviction rate for DWI offenders, and to sentence offenders to effective strategies aimed at reducing future impaired driving involvement. A strong DWI conviction rate is an effective deterrence tool for the public as a continued demonstration of Dutchess County’s commitment to the STOP-DWI mission.  

Specific activities for this component are: 

  • STOP-DWI funding totaling $66,200 will support the Specialized DWI Prosecution Unit.
  • Partial funding for one senior and two assistant District Attorney Positions acting as DWI prosecutors; and one full-time legal secretary position to assist with clerical support for the above positions.



While the law enforcement and Court related activities address the general public and community regarding impaired driving issues, the population of habitual chronic/ repeat offenders needs more focused and intensive services to change their alcohol/ drug abuse behaviors. 

The 2017 Plan will partially support/fund an Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) for DWI offenders with the Office of Probation and Community Corrections totaling $48,000. The ISP program insures closer surveillance and enforcement of Court ordered conditions. In addition, the Probation officers will refer clients to treatment programs, network with other service providers that the offenders will be utilizing, and share their expertise on DWI issues with other Probation and Court officers. 

Activities include: 

  • One full time Senior Probation Officer to supervise the DWI-Intensive Supervision Program (ISP).
  • Two full time Probation officers to assist with the supervision of the DWI Intensive Supervision Program.
  • Enhanced Supervision Project: additional funding ($9,000) will provide approximately 260 hrs. of OT to increase monitoring (unannounced home/work visits/stake-outs) of impaired driving offenders/probationers to assure compliance with Court orders and Probation conditions.



 Despite growing societal and community awareness, as well as strong law enforcement efforts, there continues to be drivers who are dependent on alcohol that remain undeterred by legal sanctions. In order to overcome their addiction(s), substance abuse treatment is required. The rehabilitation component of the plan supports assessment, evaluation, and treatment services to determine the nature and extent of alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse. 

Lexington Center for Recovery, Inc., a substance abuse provider contracted by Dutchess County will receive funding totaling $20,000 to support continued evaluation/assessment and clinical treatment services for all Dutchess County residents who apply for such services in connection with a drinking and driving violation. 

The Planning Board continues to collaborate with the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral  and Community Health and the Lexington Center to implement evidence based treatment in an ongoing effort to attain better outcomes and increased degrees of success. The scope of service requires the provider to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Specific performance goals for the CBT group(s) include drug testing a minimum of once/month, 50% successful completion, and pre/post testing. Outcome data continues to reveal significant increases in the percentage of successful completions, and reductions in the percentaged of positive drug screens for offenders in the CBT groups. 

The 2017 plan again requires the Lexington Center for Recovery, Inc. to utilize the CBT modality for all services provided due to the continued positive outcomes. 

Also, funding ($7,900) earmarked to support a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -Coping Skills group conducted onsite at the DC Probation Department targeting high risk impaired driving offenders. The group will be facilitated by contracted clinical staff (Dr. Elizabeth Quinn- Teed, PhD. Marist College). This has proven to be a model program in New York State. 

Public Information / Education:

In an effort to continue raising community awareness, specifically for the new or soon to be driver, the 2017 plan continues with a focus on reaching our youth. The plan’s activities are aimed at impacting the continued over representation of drivers less than age 25 in alcohol related arrests and fatal and personal injury crashes.

The plan will continue to offer educational programming for students in elementary through the college level. Educational materials will also be distributed at targeted community and public events. 

The following activities will be funded: 

  • Maintain the Program’s website and continue to distribute data, information, research, and videos, in addition to promotional items that support the “Don’t Drink and Drive” message;
  • Partially fund a shared Alcohol/Highway Safety Educator (AHSE) position ($24,300) through the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education of Dutchess County to coordinate educational programming/presentations and assist SADD chapters;
  • Sponsor the twenty second (22nd) Annual Dutchess County Law Enforcement Recognition Awards Ceremony ($2,761);
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) call out reimbursement Initiative ($3,000);
  • Support of the regional (Mid Hudson) STOP-DWI Conference ($3,000).


Program Administration 

To assist the STOP- DWI Planning Board in their on-going advisory role, this plan will continue to fund administrative support for: 

  • Technical assistance for the contracted agencies;
  • Networking with related agencies on state and local levels;
  • Provide strategic planning and ongoing monitoring and evaluation;
  • Grant administration/management -coordination of related multi-agency enforcement activities;
    Support/coordination of training opportunities; and
  • Provide information on DWI Issues and related legislation. 


Dutchess County STOP-DWI Planning Board Membership:

Chairman, Ernest Floegel, Marie Dynes, Angela Flesland, William V. Grady, Michael Hill,  Nick Johnson, Bradford Kendall, Lt. Frank LaMonica (DCSO), Sgt. Christine Lopez (NYSP), Anthony Marchese, John Merwin, Ann Rush, John Thomes, Matthew S. Vetare, James Warner III, and William C. Johnson, Coordinator.


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