Community Policing

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What is Community Policing?


Community policing is a collaborative effort between the police and the community that identifies problems of crime and disorder and finds solutions to these problems.

Sheriff personnel and equipment (bicycle, boat, vehicles)


In order for Community Policing to be effective, two components must be prevalent:

Check Mark icon Community Partnership

Check Mark icon Problem Solving

Community Partnership is:


When the police and community develop a positive relationship and the community is involved in the quest for crime control and prevention. Mutual trust and respect is established between the police and community creating a better understanding of each other’s needs.

Problem Solving is:

The process through which the specific concerns or needs of a community are identified and the most appropriate remedies to eradicate these problems are found. Joint efforts between the police and community are most effective for problem solving because it reinforces trust and facilitates the exchange of information.

Crime Prevention Programs

  Are You Okay? Program
  Bicycle Safety / Demo’s / Rodeos
  Burglary Prevention
  Business Watch / Business Contact Program
  Career Day Presentations / Booth
  Child Identification 
  Child Safety Seat Inspections
  Child Safety for Parents & Adults
  Date Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention
  DWI Laws & Consequences  
  Internet Safety for Parents
  Internet Safety for Youth
  K-9 Demo 
  Neighborhood Watch Program
  NYS Safe Boating Course   
  SCUBA Unit Demo 
  Senior Citizen Cellular Phone Program 
  Senior Citizen Safety 
  Speed Trailer / Traffic Safety Program  

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