Sheriff's Office
Adrian H. Anderson, Sheriff



Directions for filling out and mailing in your Amendment form:


  1. Complete Amendment (.pdf) form starting with your Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License Number, Street, Town and County.  Add pistol license number and date issued.
  2. Check the appropriate transaction.
  3. If you are adding a gun to your license fill in the box below #3 on your amendment form with the appropriate informaton, which can be found on your Bill of Sale.
  4. If you are changing your name or address, fill in the appropriate lines. Your previous name and address should be used in the boxes at the top of the amendment form.
  5. Answer the "no/yes" question at the bottom of the form and sign in the right hand box.
  6. Provide Pistol Bureau with the following:  Completed Amendment Form
                                                                   A copy of your Pistol License 
                                                                   A copy of your Bill of Sale
  7. Send in check or money order for fees. (checks can be made out to “DCSO”)

$3.00 per change on the amendment
$10.00 card fee (A card fee will need to be sent in for any transaction)

(Example: If you are adding one gun, your total will be $13.00, two guns would be $16.00)

Send in the above all together to:

Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Pistol Permits
150 North Hamilton Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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