Safety Assessments

Transportation Council
Eoin Wrafter, Commissioner


A Safety Assessment is a formal examination of an existing or planned transportation facility (a road, intersection, sidewalk, or trail) by an independent, multi-disciplinary Safety Assessment Team. Safety Assessments strive to address potential issues and identify solutions that improve the safety of all road users, whether a driver, walker, bicyclist, or transit passenger. The Federal Highway Administration promotes the use of Safety Assessments as a cost-effective tool to improve roadway safety. Safety Assessments answer these basic questions:

  1. What elements of the road may present a safety concern? To what extent, to which road users, and under what circumstances?
  2. What opportunities exist to eliminate or mitigate identified safety concerns?
  3. Are there low-cost solutions or countermeasures that would improve safety?

Since 2012, we have completed assessments at four locations on high-crash county and local roads and intersections (see our Publications Page to review our Safety Assessment reports). Recommendations typically address issues related to reducing vehicle speeds, stabilizing road shoulders, reducing horizontal and vertical curvatures, and improving sight distances and signage. We identify the locations based on an analysis of crash data and input from local agencies and municipalities.

If you have a road or intersection you would like us to consider, please contact us at

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