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2008 Adopted Budget

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William R. Steinhaus
County Executive

Valerie J. Sommerville
Budget Director


The 2008 Adopted Budget is available to view/print in pdf format.  Click on the following link to access the entire budget document:

Significant Budget Changes:

  • In 2007, the County began distributing fringe benefits to each department to better reflect the true costs of County Departments and to maximize revenue claiming for reimbursable departments.  Fringe benefits were only partially allocated in the modified budget this year; however the 2008 budget reflects closer to a full year of fringe allocation.  This change will skew any year to year comparisons of departmental costs.

  • Temporary help in past years was reflected in line 1030, however; in 2007 a change was made to reflect Temporary help in line 1010.1030 but only for part of 2007.  The 2008 budget reflects a full year of Temporary help in the 1010.1030 line.

  • Beeper / Callback pay and Compensation Time in 2007 was accounted for in line 1010, however; in the 2008 budget it will be reflected in line 1040.  

Budget detail for the following individual sections of the 2008 Adopted Budget are also available to view/print in pdf format:




General Government Support





Economic Assistance & Opportunity

Culture and Recreation

Community Services

Employee Benefits

Debt Service


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Please click on the links (in green) below to view details of specific budget areas.
- All documents are PDFs * -


- Summaries ———————————————

- Graphs ———————————————

- General Government Support ———————————————

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- Education ———————————————

- Safety ———————————————

- Health ———————————————

- Transportation ———————————————

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- Economic Assistance & Opportunity ———————————————

- Culture & Recreation ———————————————

- Community Services ———————————————

- Employee Benefits ———————————————

- Debt ———————————————


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County Executive

County Executive