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2009 Adopted Budget

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William R. Steinhaus
County Executive

Valerie J. Sommerville
Budget Director


The 2009 Adopted Budget is available to view/print in PDF * format.  Click on the following link to access the entire budget document:


Budget detail for the following individual sections of the 2009 Adopted Budget are also available to view/print in PDF * format:



General Government Support





Economic Assistance & Opportunity

Culture and Recreation

Community Services

Employee Benefits

Debt Service


Please click on the links (in green) below to view details of specific budget areas.
- All documents are PDFs * -


Summaries ———————————————

Graphs ———————————————

General Government Support ———————————————

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Education ———————————————

Safety ———————————————

Health ———————————————

Transportation ———————————————

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Economic Assistance & Opportunity ———————————————

Culture & Recreation ———————————————

Community Services ———————————————

Employee Benefits ———————————————

Debt Services ———————————————


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County Executive

County Executive