Welcome to the Dutchess County Park Reservations System

Bowdoin Park online reservations begin 3/1/2022

Wilcox Park and Quiet Cove online reservations begin 3/15/2022

2022 Reservation Season Space Open Close
Bowdoin Park Pav 1,2,3,4,5 Saturday, April 31 Sunday, October 3
Mapleknoll & Chapel

reservations by phone request only

Quiet Cove Park Boathouse and Kayak Slips Saturday, May 21 Sunday, October 16
Wilcox Memorial Park Pav B, C Saturday, May 7 Sunday, October 30
Forest Acres Campground at Wilcox Sites 1-27 and Scout Field Friday, May 27 Sunday, October 30
Scout Field

Reservations by phone request only

Open 7 Days Friday, May 27 Monday, September 30
Weekends Only Friday, September 9 Monday, October 10
This application allows you to reserve certain sites at county parks in Dutchess County, and register for programs offered at our Parks.
You may also view current or past reservations, pay for a reservation, or print documents related to your reservation.
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Please see chart above for reservation schedule.