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Our automated response system, called Your Dutchess Direct, encompasses the following Dutchess County Government Departments and divisions: Office for the Aging, Dutchess County Clerk, Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health, Department of History, Human Resources, Mass Transportation, Parks Department, Planning and Development (including Dutchess County Transportation Council), Real Property Tax Service Agency (Finance Department), and Division of Veterans Services.  While there is a brief one-time registration required to use the system, Your Dutchess Direct will help us to better serve you!

To correspond with one of the departments or divisions listed below, click on their corresponding Your Dutchess Direct button.  A brief list of services that the department provides is given for your convenience.  Click on the department name to view their services in detail.

If you’re unable to determine the appropriate department to handle your request or answer your question, use the Contact Us link to use our Internet Support email.

- DO NOT use this system for FOIL requests and items deemed to be confidential. Visit our FOIL (forms) page for more information. 

**Record Access and Appeals Officers read and review the Freedom of Information Law annually**

For ALL Senior Citizen Services (health, nutrition, legal, transportation, NY Connects...)


For Tax Exemptions, Tax Parcels


For information including Public Health Clinics, Health Education, Environmental Concerns, Nursing, Health Research, Medical Examiner's Office, Weights and Measures


For information relating to the history of Dutchess County including ethnic, religious and genealogical


For Employment, Civil Service Exams


For Dutchess County Public Transit Info, Bus Schedules & Maps


Parks - Go to Your Dutchess Direct

For information about DC Parks Programs (Educational, Public, School, Scout, Summer), Parks Fees, DC Parks Reservations


For Countywide Planning, Economic Development, Federal Housing Grants, Housing Assistance, Census Information, Transportation Council 


For all Veterans Services



Contact Us  For Questions About All Other Services

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